Shiva Temple With a Secret Powerhouse Thiruvayamkudi

The Chidambaram Temple dedicated to Lord Nataraja, has a an enclosure , which contains nothing to indicate Akasa Roopa of Shiva,

It is considered a Secret which many have tried tom unravel.

Thiruvayamkudi Temple.image.jpg
Thiruvayamkudi Temple,Kerala. Image Credit.

The Nataraja temple, Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu,India is a representation of the Microcosm and Macrocosm and the temple architecture is designed to resemble Human activities including the number of Breaths taken in a day and the number of Nerve endings in Human Body.

Detailed post follows.

There is a Temple near Kottayam in Kerala, India.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva as Mahadeva, there is a secret room which is believed to be a powerhouse, is kept locked most of the times, while a lamp is lit.

A serpent is reported to be guarding it.

The temple houses a Rahasya Ara (secret cabin) where the divine power is located. This is considered a reservoir for the power of the idol. The cabin is well protected with granite stones. A lamp is lighted every day in front of it, before the other main lamps are lighted. A serpent is believed to be sitting in front of this to safeguard the place.

There is also a water well, with a perennial spring of cool water. This believed to have a connection with the Ganges, originating from the divine head of Lord Shiva. Although the well is in the uppermost part of the village, its water has never gone below a certain level, even when most of the wells in the village have dried up.

How to reach.

Ayamkudy is only slightly off from the road linking Kottayam and Ernakulam. Public buses are the best way to access Ayamkudy. There are few dozen buses plying between Kottayam and Vaikom, many of which have stops in Ayamkudy. Alternatively, one can hire a taxi/auto rickshaw from the nearby town of Kaduthuruthy, which is well connected to other cities and towns in the state.

Kottayam and Ernakulam are the nearest major railroad stations; Cochin International Airport (IATA: COK) is the nearest airport. The major place near Ayamkudy is Jeriyappan Kavala.


The history of the temple or its origin could be dated back as early as 1000 AD. The main idol is a Shivalingam, supposed to have appeared on its own in the homagni (sacred fire) in a Brahmin’s house at Ayamkudy. This Brahmin, Namboothiri, was an ardent devotee of Vaikathappan, a temple 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) away. According to legend, he was unable to get to the temple for worship due to his old age, so the deity of that temple (Vaikathappan) appeared in his Upasana Homagni. The temple was constructed later and it stands presently as the top center of the village. There seem to have been seven Ooranma families (owners) of the temple; however, only five still have living members. The present Ooranma Families include Pattamana Illam, Ettikkada Mana, Irishi Illam, Marangatta Mana and Neithasseri Mana.

Festival is Mahasivaratri.


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2 thoughts on “Shiva Temple With a Secret Powerhouse Thiruvayamkudi”

  1. Interesting info on thiruayamkudi temple (did not know of this temple at all). There are Shiva temples in Kaduthuruthy, Ettumanoor and Vaikom, and I have visited all of them. Yet to see the Chidambaram temple.


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