Where Vishnu Handed Over Amirtha, Nectar Thirukadavur Amirtha Narayana

Sometimes,, when many temples are present in a city, all equally significant, as in Kumbakonam, many miss some temples because one temple is quite popular.

This is true of Thirukadavur where Goddess Abhirami is famous , as is Amirthakadeswarar, the place where Abhirami Andhadi was born and people have their Shashtiaptha poorthi celebrated.

Thirukadavur Amirthanarayana Perumal temple.Image.jpg
Thirukadavur Amirthanarayana Perumal Temple Image Credit.http://www.agasthiar.org/a/amrita.htm

What people are not aware is the fact is that this place is where Lord Vishnu cut the head  of an Asura who sought Amirtha  and the body parts became Rahu and Ketu, two shadow Planets.

Rahu and Ketu in Amirthanarayana Perumal Temple,Thirukadavur.image,jpg
Rahu and Ketu in Amirthanarayana Perumal Temple,Thirukadavur

It is lLocated 100yards south of the renowned Thiru Amirtha Kadeswarar -Abhirami temple is the ancient Amirtha Narayana Perumal temple in Thiru Kadaiyur, whose legend dates back to the churning of nectar and distribution to the Devas. Bala Anjaneya is a highlight here at this temple, which is entirely of ‘brick’ construction.

Moolavar        : Amirtha Narayana Perumal in a Grand Sitting Posture

Goddess           : Amirtha Valli Thaayar

Time                : 8am-1pm

Contact            : Rangaraja Bhattar @ 75983 80204(check phone number)

How to reach.


Railway Station.Mayiladhturai,Kumbakonam.

Bus station. Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai.

Thiru Kadaiyur is 20kms from Mayiladuthurai / Sirkazhi. Take Tharangambadi bound bus via Akkur cross road to reach the temple. Auto from Thiru Kadaiyur bus stand will cost Rs. 40.


With the churning of the Nectar, Lord Narayana was all set to hand over the nectar to the Devas here at Thiru Kadaiyur but to his surprise the nectar disappeared and turned into a Shiva lingam (Amirtha Kadeswarar). Lord Narayana sought the permission of Goddess Abhirami (his sister) to help secure the nectar from Thiru Kadeswarar.  She appeared before him here at Thiru Kadaiyur and helped devas regain their powers.

While the Devas received the nectar from Lord Narayana here at the Amirtha Pushkarani, an asura too secretly picked it up only to be struck down by Lord Amirtha Narayanan. Having consumed the nectar, the asura did not die but had his body cut into two pieces – Rahu and Kethu. In memory of this event, they are seen here together in a separate sannidhi – a special feature at this temple. This is said to be a parikara sthalam for liberation from Rahu-Kethu dosham.

The Temple needs renovation.




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