Hanuman’s Son Makardhwaja ! Worshiped in Honduras

Lord Hanuman is considered as Sreshta Brahmachari while Bhishma, Naishtika Brahmachari.

Sresta means noble, the Best.

Naishtika Brahmachari is one whose Semen does not fall down towards the Earth,

I shall be posting a detailed article on this.

Makardhwaja Temple at Odadar,Guajarat, India.Image.jpg

Makardhwaja Temple at Odadar village near Porbandar, Gujarat. “Makardhwaja” by Ashok modhvadia – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Makardhwaja.jpg#/media/File:Makardhwaja.jpg

Hanuman is called a Brahmachari, A Celibate and a Jitendriya, one who has conquered the senses.

How come he is reported to have a son?

Hanuman, The Monkey God in Honduras or Mkaratdwaja, His Son?Image.jpg

Hanuman, The Monkey God in Honduras or Mkaratdwaja, His Son? Honduras

Hanuman, after  burning Sri Lanka(having his tail having been set afire by Ravana), tok a dip in the Ocean, to cool of His body, a drop of His perspiration dropped from His Tail.

This fell into the mouth of a Fish,and it delivered a child.

The child was named Makaradwaja.

The term Makara appears many a times in the Puranas.

The word Matsya is also used to indicate Fish.as in Vishnu’s Matsya Avatara.

As Sanskrit does not use the same word for the same object,  I am inclined to think that Makara and Matsya belong to a group of the Fish Family, akin to Dolphin and Shark.

Makaradwaja became the Guardian of the Patala Loka of Mahiravana.

As I have written earlier the Patala is the Americas.

Makaraddwaja is worshiped in La Ciudad Blanca as a Monkey God,

Please read my post on this.

La Ciudad Blanca (pronounced: [la sjuˈðað ˈblaŋka], Spanish for “The White City“) is a legendary settlement said to be located in the Mosquitia region of eastern Honduras. This extensive area of virgin rainforest has been the object of study for many people. Archaeologists refer to it as the Isthmo-Colombian Area of the Americas. Due to the many variants of the story in the region, most professional archaeologists doubt it refers to any one actual city of the Pre-Columbian era.(wiki)

Ancestors of Pre Columbian were the Tamils.’





2 thoughts on “Hanuman’s Son Makardhwaja ! Worshiped in Honduras

  1. Venkit Subrmanian

    In this one you talk about a fish. I thought in the version of the Ramayana I had read along while ago, it was a female crocodile that swallowed his “veerya” (semen? not sweat). So i did a google search and came upon these lines:

    “Hanuman goes to Patala, the door to which is guarded by a creature, who is half Vanara and half reptile. Hanuman asks who he is and the creature says, “I am Makardhwaja, your son!” Hanuman is confused since he did not have any child, being an adept Brahmachari. The creature explains, “While you were jumping over the ocean, a drop of your semen(veeriya) fell to the ocean and into the mouth of a mighty crocodile. This is the origin of my birth.””.

    These lines were from your blog entry about Pathalkot in Madhya Pradesh being the entrance to Pathal Lok..


    1. ramanan50 Post author

      1.Our texts call Makara, the Fish Family.Valmiki uses the term in the sense of Fish.Will ou forward me the relevant sloka to correct mself?
      2.The version I have quoted as Crocodile, should have been from from one of the other Ramayanas.
      3.Valmiki’s Ramaana is more authentic.
      4.I am aware it is Seme, for propreity’s sake I mentioned it a sweat.
      5.Kindl point out mistakes in m Posts so that I ma correct them.
      6.Thanks and Regds



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