Wormhole Parallel Universe In Vindhya Mountain ? Ramayana

There Hanuman and others became disoriented .

They found, inside the cave verdant flowers and spring, Swans leaving with drenched bodies.


Indian Scriptures and Epics never fail to surprise me with their astounding descriptions of things that are being visualized , nay being though of as A Theory, in Higher Sciences.

The wormhole, Space.Image.jpg

I have posted quite a few articles on Advanced Concepts in Ancient scriptures of India, The Vedas, The Purana and the Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Painting of  wormhole, UFO in a Cave, Raisin, Madhya Pradesh,India,image.jpg
Painting of wormhole, UFO in a Cave, Raisin, Madhya Pradesh,India,

Be it Stem Cell Research.Weather prediction, Genes Study, Advanced Mathematics,Chemistry, Physics.Biology, the list is endless.

I have posted articles and these may be found under Hinduism.

Now I have come across a shocker of information, that of Wormhole in The Ramayana!

What is a Wormhole?

A wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut through spacetime. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points in spacetime.

For a simplified notion of a wormhole, visualize space as a two-dimensional (2D) surface. In this case, a wormhole can be pictured as a hole in that surface that leads into a 3D tube (the inside surface of a cylinder). This tube then re-emerges at another location on the 2D surface with a similar hole as the entrance. An actual wormhole would be analogous to this, but with the spatial dimensions raised by one. For example, instead of circular holes on a 2D plane, the entry and exit points could be visualized as spheres in 3D space.


Researchers have no observational evidence for wormholes, but the equations of the theory of general relativity have valid solutions that contain wormholes. Because of its robust theoretical strength, a wormhole is one of the great physics metaphors for teaching general relativity. The first type of wormhole solution discovered was the Schwarzschild wormhole, which would be present in the Schwarzschild metric describing an eternal black hole, but it was found that it would collapse too quickly for anything to cross from one end to the other. Wormholes that could be crossed in both directions, known as traversable wormholes, would only be possible if exotic matter with negative energy density could be used to stabilize them.’

Wormhole , in simple words is like a Bedroll/Bed-sheet/Holdall  which can be rolled and unrolled.

That is if one has to travel to the Pole Star which is about 480 Light years away , the point of Earth from where we shall start and the end point ,The Pole Star, where we want to reach may be held together as we would a piece of cloth and be rolled, thus making these point very near.

Space has infinite distances.

This bedroll called a Wormhole can be used to shrink the distance and by entering into it one can reach longer distances by entering into the wormhole and emerging on the other side in a short span of Time.

Wormhole in The Ramayana.

In the Ramayana, Sugreeva directs his Vanara Army to search for Sita.

Hanuman ,Angada and the other Vanaras, contrary to Sugreeva’s instruction over stayed in the Vindhya Mountains and came across a cave, Riksha, a cavity.

It was guarded by Maya, under the name of Swayamprabha.

There Hanuman and others  became disoriented .

They found, inside the cave verdant flowers and spring, Swans leaving with drenched bodies.

‘On entering the Cave, they the monkeys beheld choicest mansions everywhere made out of gold and silver, some with golden and some with silver domes, while some with golden and some with silver multi-stories, but all are studded with lapis gems with golden windows covered with laceworks of pearls. They have also seen everywhere flowered and fruited trees that are similar in shine to red corals and rubies, and golden honeybees, as well as honeys.

They beheld everywhere diverse and capacious beds and seats that are amazingly crafted with gemstones and gold, and stacks of utensils made of gold, silver and bell metal. They saw the stockpiles of heavenly aloe vera substances and sandalwood sticks and depurated eatables, tubers and fruits. They have also seen top-grade soft drinks, luscious honeys, heaps of finest quality clothing, exotic blankets and sheaves of deerskins. Vanara-s have also observed mounds of undefiled gold stockpiled here and there glowing with the glow of ritual fire’

Hanuman also noted that the Time was lapsing.

Remembering that the deadline given by Sugreeva was nearing, He requested the Lady Maya, Swayam Prabha, to deliver all the Vanaras from the Pit.

She obliged.

Ramayana states,

‘Monkeys enter Riksha cavity, an unsightly and gloomy one, during their search in southern direction. While groping in that dark they loose time set by Sugreeva. Finally, they see luminosity and extraordinarily built mansions, woodlands, trees and lakes. Thereupon they catch sight of an elderly sainted lady and they all approach her asking after the legend of that cavity.


saha taaraa a.ngadaabhyaam tu sa.ngamya hanumaan kapiH |
vicinoti ca vindhyasya guhaaH ca gahanaani ca || 4-50-1

1. kapiH hanumaan= monkey, Hanuma; taaraa angadaabhyaam saha= Lt. Tara, Angada and others, along with; sangamya= associated with; vindhyasya guhaaH ca gahanaani ca= Vindhya’s, caves, also, thick forests, also; vicinoti ca= searched, also.

Associated with Angada, Lt. Tara and others, the monkey Hanuma searched the caves and thick forests of Vindhya Range. [4-50-1]..

aaseduH tasya shailasya koTim dakshiNa paschimaam |
teSaam tatra eva vasataam sa kaalo vyatyavartata || 4-5-3

3. tasya shailasya= that, mountain’s; dakshiNa paschimaam koTim= on south, west, peak; aaseduH= reached; teSaam tatra eva vasataam= for them, thereat, alone, on staying [overstaying]; sa kaalaH vyatyavartata= that, time, swiftly elapsed.

They reached the southwest peak of that mountain during their search and the time set by Sugreeva swiftly lapsed while they are overstaying thereat that Mt. Vindhya alone.

paraspareNa rahitaa anyonyasya aviduurataH |
gajo gavaakSo gavayaH sharabho gandhamaadanaH || 4-50-5
maindaH ca dvividaH caiva hanumaan jaa.mbavaan api |
a.ngado yuva raajaH ca taaraH ca vanagocaraH || 4-50-6
giri jaala aavR^itaan deshaan maargitvaa dakSiNaam disham |
vicinvantaH tataH tatra dadR^ishuH vivR^itam bilam || 4-50-7
durgam R^iksha bilam naama daanavena abhirakshitam |

5, 6, 7, 8a. gajaH gavaakSaH gavayaH sharabhaH gandhamaadanaH= Gaja, Gavaaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamaadana; maindaH ca dvividaH caiva= Mainda, also, Dvivida, also thus; hanumaan jaambavaan api= Hanuma, Jaambavanta, even; yuva raajaH angadaH ca= crown, prince, Angada, also; vana gocaraH taaraH ca= forest-mover, Lt. Tara, also; paraspareNa rahitaa= mutually, without – distancing from one another; anyonyasya= in mutuality; a +vi +duurataH= not, very, far-flung – one another; giri jaala aavR^itaan deshaan= mountains, mesh of, encompassed by, province; maargitvaa= having searched; tataH dakSiNaam disham vicinvantaH= then, southern, direction, on searching; tatra= there; daanavena abhi rakshitam= by a demon, well-guarded; durgam= impassable one; R^iksha bilam naama= Riksha, cavity, known as; vi +vR^itam bilam= very, wide, cavity; dadR^ishuH= they observed.

Without pressing one another closely, yet not distancing from one another largely, Gaja, Gavaaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamaadana, also thus Mainda, Dvivida, and Hanuma, and even Jaambavanta, crown prince Angada, also the forest-mover Lt. Tara have searched that province in southern direction that is encompassed with interlocked mountains, and during their search there they have observed a wide-opened and impassable cavity known as Riksha cavity which is well guarded by a demon called Maya. [4-50-5, 6, 7, 8a]


9b,10a. tatra= there; krauncaaH ca hamsaaH ca saarasaaH ca= Kaunca waterfowls, also, swans, also, Saarasa waterfowls, also; jala aardraaH= by water, drenched; padma reNubhiH= with lotus, pollen; rakta angaaH reddened, with bodies; cakravaakaaH ca api= Cakravaka waterfowls, also, even; niSkraman= exiting; [dadR^ishuH= they saw.]

There they have seen the swans and the waterfowls like Kraunca, Saarasa, and even Cakravaka waterfowls exiting from the cavity with their bodies drenched in water and reddened with the dapples of lotuses’ pollen. [4-50-9b, 10a]

naanaa sattva samaakiirNaam daitya indra nilaya upamam || 4-50-12
durdarsham iva ghoram ca durvigaahyam ca sarvashaH |

12b, 13a. naanaa sattva samaakiirNaam= diverse, beings, dispersed with; daitya indra nilaya upamam= demon’s, emperor’s [Emperor Bali,] residence, similar; dur darsham iva= not, to see [unsightly,] like; ghoram= hideous; sarvashaH= from anywhere; dur +vi+ gaahyam ca= impossible, verily, to enter [un-enterable cavity,] also.

That hideous cavity is dispersed with diverse beings, similar to the residence of the emperor of demons, namely Emperor Bali, in Paataala, the Netherworld, and it is unsightly and impermeable from anywhere. [4-50-12b, 13a]

nishamya tasmaat si.mhaaH ca taan taan ca mR^iga pakshiNaH || 4-50-18
praviSTaa hari shaarduulaa bilam timira aavR^itam |

18b, 19a. hari shaarduulaa= monkeys, tigerly ones; tasmaat= therefrom – coming from cavity; simhaaH ca= lions, also; taan taan ca= those, those – various, also; mR^iga pakshiNaH= animals, birds; nishamya= on seeing; timira aavR^itam= by obscurity, shrouded; bilam praviSTaaH= cavity, they entered.

Those tigerly monkeys have also seen lions and various other animals and birds exiting therefrom, and entered that cavity which is enshrouded in obscurity. [4-50-18b, 19a]

na teSaam sajjate dR^iSTiH na tejaH na paraakramaH || 4-50-19
vaayoH iva gatiH teSaam dR^iSTiH tam api var.htate |

19b, 20a. teSaam= for them; dR^iSTiH na sajjate= eyesight, not, fit enough [became unfit, ineffectual / obstructed]; tejaH na= their vigour, no; paraakramaH na= valorousness, no; teSaam gatiH= their, permeation; vaayoH iva= air [gust,] like; dR^iSTiH tamasi vartate= eyesight, in gloominess, actuated.

Their eyesight, or their vigour, or their valorousness is rendered ineffectual, and their permeation is just like the directionless air as their eyesight is thwarted in gloominess’

It may be noted that the description resembles that of a Black-hole.

And the presence of birds with water dripping from their bodies in the cave here there was no water body and the existence of buildings made of Gold, Silver inside a Cave and different types of Beings indicate a different world.

Only on Exiting the cave do the Vanaras become normal and find the normal terrain of the Earth.

‘On listening to Hanuman about the plight of monkeys by which they entered this cavity in searching for Seetha, Sainted Lady Swayamprabha becomes sympathetic and offers guestship.
When entreated by Hanuman for an exit from that incarceration, and as the time frame set by Sugreeva is lapsed in this very cavity, Swayamprabha asks Vanaras to cover their eyes and then uses her ascetic powers to transport the monkeys from that cave, which exit is otherwise impossible for any other intruder, in his aliveness.
After exiting from black cave, vanaras find themselves lose to an ocean located south of the Vindyas.

Instead of landing just after the Vindhyas  , they land quite far  near the Ocean, overshooting the Land by a few hundred Miles.’

The legend of the world being rolled in appears in the Legend of Hiranyaksha, brother of Hiranyakasipu, who rolled the earth and hid it , only to be recovered by Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu picks up the Roll and re-rolls it.

Vishnu Purana , in the narration of Mandhata, ancestor of Lord Rama, states that when Mandhata visited Brahma in Brahma Loka for a few minutes after traveling, found , on return, that hundreds of Years have passed in the Earth!

Similar legends abound in the Eighteen Puranas.

The entry and exit by the Vanaras echoes the ‘ Einstein–Rosen bridge’

‘A group of anthropologists, lead by archaeologist Mohammed Wasim Khan of the Archeological Environment Research and Tribal Welfare Society, working with hill tribes in Hoshangabad, earlier known as Narmadapura in Madhya Pradesh made a startling discovery.
They found caves hidden in a deep jungle in Raisin. In one such caves was found an amazing ancient painting which shows a person in a catsuit, a UFO like flying object, and a cylindrical spring like shape (wormhole path ?).’

A word to sneering doubting Thomases about these legends.

Please note that the term Wormhole is not considered proven but deduced and perceived to a Hypothesis and people take it as True without reservations.

Why not the Ramayana, whose date, geographical dates have been proved beyond doubt.

Here you are dealing with some thing far more advanced that your modern concepts.

Wait till you get to know more about Physics when it becomes more advanced.

* The Verse are from The Ramayana Kishintakanda, Sarga 50.

More can be found in Sargas 51 and 52.





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3 thoughts on “Wormhole Parallel Universe In Vindhya Mountain ? Ramayana”

  1. Every inch in my body and my soul stated that Ravana was not a evil being and the invador was Rama who in our time and dimension was Jewish !


  2. Hello. I have personally been to see the cave paintings in the Hoshangabad region or the UFO, wormhole and strange human figure last year. I am very interested in the wormhole idea relating to the Ramayana and Dr Wasim Khan took me to the place to see for myself. The paintings are not actually in a cave but in a rock shelter. I would be very interested to know where you think the actual cave might be where Swayamprabha met Hanuman and the Vanara Commandos. Do you have any ideas?


    1. It is only a cave .I mentioned it Cavity in the article.Yes, this , prima facie appears to be Hoshangabad, in Madhya Pradesh.I came across information that the vanaras were moved swiftly through this cave by Swayam Prabha and were transported to a place near Thirukkarungudi , some 1990kms!


      I shall write in detail,



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