Lingam Discovery By Rama Gupteshwar Mahadev Odisha

Lord Rama, while He was in Dandkaranya discovered a Swayambhu(self-made) Shiva Linga in a Cave in Odisha.

This is the Gupeshwar Mahadev Temple, in a Cave.


Lord Rama, while He was in Dandkaranya discovered a Swayambhu(self-made) Shiva Linga in a Cave in Odisha.

This is the Gupeshwar Mahadev Temple, in a Cave.

The shrine is called “Gupteswar” which means the “Hidden God”. It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave for a very long period. One can reach it by climbing the 200 steps flanked with rows of champak trees. The entrance of the cave is about 3 m wide and 2 m in height. There are also several other caves nearby. Inside the second cave there is a large stalactite. People worship it as the udder of God Kamadhenu (the divine cow) and wait under it with outstretched palms to collect drops of water which fall only at long intervals.

However, with the passing of time, the temple was abandoned. Later, in the last part of the 19th century, a hunter of the Ramgiri area found the lingam. Since then the lingam has been worshipped by the tribes of Koraput region. In Shivaratri (a Hindu festival) Gupteswar Temple draws over 200,000 devotees from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. People suffering from incurable diseases come here to worship the God and remain here for months in the hope of getting cured.

How to reach

Gupteshwar is  55 Km fromJeypore, Koraput District in the state of Odisha, India.

Gupeshwar Mahadev,Odisha.image.jpg
Gupeshwar Mahadev,Odisha

There is no direct public transport available to reach Gupteshwar, you have to hair a vehicle from Jeypore or from nearby places. Usually rugged vehicle or MUV are better choice for this hill road. Even though it is tar road but in several places ditches are there and in some places high slops are there.

Ater travelling 12 KM from Jeypore you will cross Patraput bridge, this is one of the picnic spot of Jeypore residents. After crossing the bridge within 1 KM distance you will reach a Y junction. Straight road will go to Boipariguda ( 9 KM ) and then Gupteshwar, left side road will take you to Lamtaput ( 22 KM ), Machakund ( 45 KM ), Jalaput ( 59 KM ), Vizag (198 KM).


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  1. I have heard that shivlingam is actually the penis of shiva which is widely worshiped by hindu women. Is it a fact? In kashmir valley shivlingams are found at so many places.


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