No Cremation Ground Devotees Not Allowed Taliparamba Shiva

Three is a Temple in Srivanchiyam where the Naivedya for Shiva is done after a corpse has been burnt in the Cremation ground in front of  the temple.

Please read my post  on this ‘Where Corpses Burn’.

Taliparamba Temple.jpg
Taliparamba Temple.

There is a Temple in Kerala where the Shiva Linga was ordered to be installed in a place where there is no cremation ground!

The Rajarajeswara temple is in Taliparamba, Kerala.

I would like hear from people from Taliparamaba where the cremation ground exists in Taliparamba.

Another unique feature is that the Devotees are not allowed to offer Namaskara, Prostrations before the Deity, in the  Namaskara Mantapa, they are not allowed inside this Mantapa.

The reason is that Lord Rama offered Namaskara to Shiva here and as a mark of respect to Lord Rama, this custom is followed.



Taliparamba is among the 108 ancient Kerala temples dedicated to Shiva.

Taliparamba is regarded as one of the ancient Shakti Peethams.

The Shiva Linga here is believed to be several thousands of years old. Legend has it that Shiva gave three sacred Shiva Lingas to Parvati/Sati for worship.

One sage, Maandhata propitiated Lord Shiva with intense prayers. Shiva was so pleased that he presented one of the Shiva Lingas to him with the injunction that it should be installed only at a place where there was no cremation ground. The sage, after searching all over, found Taliparamba the most sacred spot where he installed the Shiva Linga.

After his death the Linga disappeared into the earth. Then his son Muchukunda offered similar prayers to Shiva and got a second Shiva Linga, which too disappeared in course of time. Centuries passed. The third Shiva Linga was handed down to Satasoman, a king of Mushaka/Kolathiri/Chirakkal Royal Family, who then ruled the region. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva. On the advice of sage Agastya, he prayed to Lord Siva, who granted him the Shiva Linga. The king installed it in the present temple built by him. However, many legends associated with the Temple, claim Agastya Himself as installing the ShivaLinga (which is believed as per those legends to be a ‘Jyothirlingam’).

* We have Spatha Vidnaga Sthalas in Tamil Nadu, where the legend runs on similar lines.Rfer my Post on Sapthavidanga Sthalas

It is believed that Sri Rama during his victorious return from Lanka stopped here to offer worship to Lord Shiva. In honor of His presence, devotees are not allowed into the namaskara mandapam even today.

Lord Shiva worshiped in this sacred temple is known as Sree Rajarajeswara, which means the Emperor of Emperors — the Lord Supreme. The name signifies the supreme transcendental power in the background of mysterious drama of the boundless universe. That power is invoked here as Lord Rajarajeshwara. Devotees address the lord with such royal appellations as Perumthrikovilappan, Perum-chelloorappan and Thampuraan Perumthrikkovilappan.

The Jyothirlingam in the shrine in vibrant with spiritual power that exerts an enriching influence both on the material and spiritual levels of the earnest devotees. The celebrated ancient sage Agasthya Maharishi is associated with the installation of the Jyothirlingam in the shrine.

Temple Timings.

Pooja / Prayer timings: The temple opens at 4 am and remains closed in the afternoon from 12 to 5.

Wednesday, the day when the lingam was installed, is the most important day for prayer instead of Monday.

Festivals: Shivratri, Puthari, a festival of the harvesting season; Karkadaka Sankramam (July) and Nira are some of the auspicious days celebrated in the temple with pomp and festivities.

Codes and guidelines: Men are allowed to enter the shrine at any time, but woman are allowed only after 8 PM. Non Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple. Mundu is the dress code for men.

Cloak room: One has to deposit their purse and other belongings in the cloak room outside. Photography is prohibited in the temple.

How To Reach.

By Air.

Taliparamba111 km away

Bajpe Airport (IXE)Mangalore, Karnataka

Taliparamba100 km away

Calicut International Airport (CCJ)Kozhikode, Kerala


Taliparamba does not have an train station. Nearest option is Kannapuram.

Taliparamba9 km away

Kannapuram (KPQ)Kannapuram, Kerala

Taliparamba12 km away

Payangadi (PAZ), Payangadi, Kerala

By Bus.
Available from major cities of India, especially in Kerala,

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