Egyptians Ancestors Tamils Religion Sanatan Dharma

I have ben exploring the spread of Sanatana Dharma and Tamil.

I have written articles that Iran,Iraq,Mesopotamia),Sumeria,Russi,Arctic,Indonesia,Vietnam, Cambodia,Japan, Bali , Philippines, New Zealand Australia had the Sanatana Dharma as their roots.

The Incas were the descendants of the Tamils

I have found that wherever Sanatana Dharma is found Tamil is found!

Vanadevata's (wood spirit) hand issuing from tree trunk offering water.Image.jpg
Vanadevata’s (wood spirit) hand issuing from tree trunk offering water.
Deceased drinking water offered by tree divinity.iamge.jph
Deceased drinking water offered by tree divinity.

The Mayans had Sanatana Dharma origin (please read my Post on this).

More to follow on this.

Now it seems that the Egyptians were the descendants of the Tamils!

The presence of Narasimha as Naram Sin, Images of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana,Ancient Tamil scripts being found in Oman and Egypt(I have posts) point in the direction of Sanatana Dharma having been in Egypt.

Of more interest is that the Ancestors of the Egyptians were the Tamils.


‘”Under the reign of Viswamitra, first king of the Dynasty of Soma -Vanga, in consequence of a battle which lasted five days, Manu -Vina, heir of the ancient kings, being abandoned by the Brahmans , emigrated with all his companions, passing through Arya , and the countries of Barria, till he came to the shores of Masra [Cairo].” (History of India, by Collouca-Batta). Unquestionably this Manu-Vina  and Menes , the first Egyptian King, are identical.Arya , is Eran (Persia ); Barria, is Arabia, and Masra, was the name of Cairo, which to this day is called,Masr, Musr, and Misro. Phœnician history names Maser as one of the ancestors of Hermes .”

This tallies with the information that Viswamitra banished his sons to the Dravida Desa (History of Tamils by P.T.Srinivasa Iyengar)

“The four principal groups in ancient India were the Asuras (Assyrians or Indus Valley people), Panis (Phoenicians), Yakhus or Yakshas (subjects of Kubera, god of gold and treasure a.k.a. Nagas) and Mayas. We know them today as the Dravidians (Tamils, Malayalam, etc.)

The non Indus Valley people in ancient days were exceedingly superstitious and fearful of the Mayans. The latter were excellent international shippers and traders, builders and astronomers. Their superstitious enemies thought their accomplishments had to be magic and beyond human ability. They were ultimately driven to Ceylon where they inhabited the province of Maya. Later, they went to the Americas, having been taken there by Kubera and his Yakshas.”  ‘Ceylon’ in those ancient times was more than likely the now sunken land to the south of India and connected geographically to the Ceylon of today, Sri Lanka. This is the ancient Tamil country of which today’s Tamil Nadu in India is but a small remnant:


“Egypt  herself had, in those unknown ages when Menes  reigned received her laws, her social institutions, her arts and her sciences, from pre-Vedic India.”

Menes the Ancient Egyptian King was Manu.

‘Menes is undoubtedly the Manu of the second subrace (5.2 Ancient Egypt) and there is a close connection to India which persists to this day – as any traveler to both nations will attest. If the Mayans have a ‘perfect identity of the rites, ceremonies, traditions’ of Egypt then it is further proof that their genesis is in India, also known as ‘Bharata’ in ancient times.

This strenghtens my thory that the Sanatana Dharma was in the South and spread throughout the world and the ancient people of Sanatana Dharma lived in the Dravida Desa.

Please read my post Ram’s ancestor Manu, a Dravida.



Isis  Unveiled  I, H.P. Blavatsky. p.627.

Will the Maya Prophecy Really Happen? Gene D. Matlock.


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