City Of Hanuman in La Ciudad Blanca Honduras

I have been writing on the spread of Hinduism, the Sanatana Dharma being present throughout the world.

Myanmar,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand, Korea, Japan,Australia, New Zealand,Australia…

Iran,Kazakhstan, Russia,Siberia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, England ,Latin America, North America,Nigeria, Peru,….

I have posted articles on each of these places.


Rama, Sita,,Lakshmana,Krishna,Balarama, Shiva, Muruga, Devi, Kali, Danu, Agastya all are found in each of these countries.


The Incas trace their roots to Tamils.

Mayas to Tamils and Sanatana Dharama.

In Honduras city of La Ciudad Blanca, White City is called Monkey City.

Seated Hanuman.Image.jpeg.
Seated Hanuman.

Scholars , unable to find any connection from any other source have now turned to Hinduism and Indian references.

The Story.

Hanuman in Honduras.jpg
Hanuman, The Monkey God in Honduras

La Ciudad Blanca (pronounced: [la sjuˈðað ˈblaŋka], Spanish for “The White City“) is a legendary settlement said to be located in the Mosquitia region of eastern Honduras. This extensive area of virgin rainforest has been the object of study for many people. Archaeologists refer to it as the Isthmo-Colombian Area of the Americas. Due to the many variants of the story in the region, most professional archaeologists doubt it refers to any one actual city of the Pre-Columbian era.(wiki)

Ancestors of Pre Columbian were the Tamils.

Hanuman in La Ciuadad Blanca.Image.png
City of Hanuman, The American Weekly representing the Temple in Morde’s “Lost City of the Monkey God.” “Lost City of the Monkey God” by Virgil Finlay – The American Weekly. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

My Post Incas celebrtae Makara Sankaranthi.



In 1940, Heye hired American adventurer and future spy[.Theodore Morde to perform a third expedition. The goal of the expedition was to further study the local indigenous people, explore archaeological sites, chart the upper reaches of the Wampú River, and search for a rumored “lost city.”

After four months, Morde and his colleague Laurence C. Brown reported having made a great find, which included ancient razor blades. “‘City of the Monkey God’ is believed located: Expedition reports success in Honduras expedition” read the headline of the New York Times. According to the letter Morde sent home, the “city” was located in “an almost inaccessible area between the Paulaya andPlátano Rivers.” Morde and Brown described their find as the capital of an agricultural civilization of the Chorotega people.

When he returned to the states, Morde described traveling miles through swamps, up rivers, and over mountains before coming across ruins that he interpreted as the remains of a walled city. In an article for The American Weekly, a Sunday magazine tabloid edited by fantasy fiction author A. Merritt,he claimed to have evidence of large, ruined buildings. He said that his Paya guides told him that there once was a temple with a large staircase leading to a statue of a “Monkey God.” Morde speculated that the deity was an American parallel to the Hindu deity Hanuman, who he says “was the equivalent of America’s own Paul Bunyan in his amazing feats of strength and daring.” According to Morde, he was told that the temple had a “long, staired approach” lined with stone effigies of monkeys. “The heart of the Temple was a high stone dais on which was the statue of the Monkey God himself. Before it was a place of sacrifice.”


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8 thoughts on “City Of Hanuman in La Ciudad Blanca Honduras

  1. Geographically, America is directly on the other side of India (180degree) so it gives credence to it being referred as Patal Lok–under the earth on other side. Dr. Saroj Bala , a senior IAS in India has already deciphered the exact date of Rama’s birth as 15th Jan 5014 BC on the basis of planetary data in Valmiki Ramayana using NASA help. Ramayana is a historical fact.


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