Shiva Samharam is Triglav Smaram God Of Slavs Russia

The Russian connection with Sanatana Dharma is very deep,

to such an extent that even the Gods and Goddesses, Rivers are from Sanskrit Origin,

the Legends of their Gods and Goddesses seem indentical with Hindu Gods/Goddesses.

Shiva is the Zhiva Deity of Life, Fertility among the Slav People.

Their Trinty is Svarog, Perun, and Dazhdbog.

Three Headed Shiva at Elephanta Caves.Image.jpg
Three Headed Shiva at Elephanta Caves. “Elephanta Caves Trimurti” by Christian Haugen – Elephanta Caves. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Dazhdbog was later replaced by Veles or Svantovit.

Slavic God Triglav is portrayed with three heads and is expressed as the embodiment of Trinity.

We have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as the Trinity.

Shiva is shown with three heads in the Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra.


The most important sculpture in the caves is the Trimurti, carved in relief at the back of the cave facing the entrance, on the north-south axis. It is also known as Trimurti Sadashiva and Maheshmurti.

The image, 20 feet (6.1 m) in height, depicts a three-headed Shiva, representing Panchamukha Shiva.

The three heads are said to represent three essential aspects of Shiva: creation, protection, and destruction.



Or this might be related to Dattatreya.


Dattatreya (Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi: दत्तात्रेय) (Dattātreya) or Datta is a Hindu deity encompassing the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu andShiva, collectively known as Trimurti. The name Dattatreya can be divided into two words – “Datta” (meaning given) and “Atreya” referring to the sage Atri, his physical father but in reality Dattatreya was never actually named and therefore is called “Smatrugami” (One who responds instantly when thought of).(wiki)


Trigalv is found in an Indian temple, a  site on Russian/ Slavic souvenir says.

Triglav Statue ,Slavi God mage.jpg
Trigalav Sculpture

The idea of ​​the triune god was known and the Aryan Hindus, where it was called Trimurti. Sculpture consisting of three main Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (in our opinion – the barman, the Most High, and Siva). Thus, in one nature connected with three major functions of creation (Brahma), storage (Vishnu) and destruction (Shiva). Slavic-Russian idea was different: the creation (Svarog), TORT (Perun) and the divine light (Svyatovit). Destruction could be applied only in exceptional cases, as a punishment for non-compliance with the divine law of life.

It was believed that Triglav vigilantly monitors all realms: law, reality and Navyu. Sight of God and his word is so powerful that they could have easily broken the barriers between the worlds are thin.

Then worlds, confused, would be interchanged, and that meant the offensive end of the world. Therefore Triglav smarm many priests who saw to it that his statue has always been firmly closed with a cloth and the will of God they set out for yourself. Used for predictions and black horses Triglav”

‘smaram’ a corrupted form of Samharam, destruction by Shiva?

Hymn addressed to Triglav.

.. Triglav bow my head before!
So we started
He sang of great glory,
Svarog – Father of the Gods praise,
What awaits us.
Svarog – Senior God Family of God
and the whole family – forever spouting fountain …
And the Thunderbolts – God Perun,
God of battles and fighting …
And we glory Sventovitu advertisements.
He is both a right and Reveal God!
The songs we sing to Him, because Sventovit – is Light.

Shiva is worshiped as Family Deity is India and the other refernces make this Hymn sound a Shiva Stuthi



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