Siberians Invoke Hindu Ayur Devata, Hanuman Temple River Tara, OM

I have remarked in an earlier Post that if one checks the directions  given by Sugreeva to his Vanara Army in their search for Sita, one would know the places around the world , as they existed during the Ramayana Period.

Siberian Invoke Hindu Gods during Illness,Bottom image ramayana scene found in an Italains Home.jpg
Siberian Invoke Hindu Gods during Illness,Bottom image ramayana scene found in an Italains Home

The locations and directions provided by Sugreeva are accurate and we can find the places mentioned by him, be it the Nazca Lines of Peru or the Baikal Lake in Russia.

I have also posted an article that Lord Krishna’s son Pradhyumna had built a Palace in Por Baijin, Siberia.

‘Three Hindu gods. The one at the left known as Ayu Devata (God of life) is still invoked in Siberia if some near and dear one falls seriously ill. The other two are just samples of the many gods and goddesses sold in the bazar of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. These indicate how Hinduism prevailed in the ancient world. Even the Slav people in Europe worshipped Hindu deities’

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Russian archeologists have found sites where more information has come to light.

‘Although it is the summer of 1963 in the heart of the small village perch, on the river Tara, a Mount School, the children found the two mirror-polished slab of light gray color. Apparently, they are fragments of a man-made structures, and not the fact that this building was not a temple.
Siberian scientists hypothesize: 300 000 years ago in Western Siberia there was an advanced civilization, the birthplace of many religions of the world. In this vast area there was a mighty civilization from Proto-Slavic city on the confluence of the Irtysh Omyu. This hypothesis is supported by the oldest written monument of the Russian people “Veles book”, which refers to the big city, which had a sanctuary. It was located at the confluence of the river Iriy (the ancient name of the Irtysh River) Ohm (Om). A professor VI Matyushchenko (now deceased), in his book “Ancient History of Siberia”, writes: “… here, in the opinion of many scientists, formed the oldest Indo-Aryan epic” Mahabharata “, images and characters which are surrounded by some local rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys. Here, perhaps, was the cradle of Indo-Aryans, some of them later went to South Asia, the Indian subcontinent limits … ”


This theory deserves serious attention — the settlement of the Aryans found not only in Siberia, but also in the South Urals, and in Sintashta burial ground (Arch, III-II centuries BC), discovered Aryan chariots. Later, they will move back to the south-west: Iraq, Iran, and the Sinai Peninsula. It is possible that they have left their cities from climate change. Apparently, only the Sinai Peninsula, they found themselves accustomed to the climate.

Hanuman, as a deity related to one of the world’s oldest religions — Hinduism, originated in the II-III century BC So it is quite possible that there was a cult of Hanuman as possible, and the temple in Okunevo.
Of the crystal and a greenish glow or dome disclosed.
The main attraction of the temple of Hanuman is a thinking Crystal — a magical talisman, octagon-shaped (in another version had 72 crystal faces) height of 1.2 meters. While in the temple, he was in constant communication with the cosmos and the earth was brought from the planet Satra, whose members, according to one version, and built a temple-observatory for communication with the cosmos. Sort of like “Interplanetary Chess Congress Vasyukov”, but something in it, because the pyramids of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations have distinct patterns of people in suits, and also recall the seemingly absurd theory that the Egyptian pyramids were built aliens.

According to legend, a temple of Hindu god Hanuman is located at the bottom of the lake, built many thousands of years ago. Hanuman is the giant, who helped Rama fight the evil forces, that referred to the Ramayana epic. The legend goes that after the victory Rama granted Siberia to his companion, where Hanuman built a beautiful city with many churches. This city supposedly is located in the lake, hidden in the thick sand and bottom silt.
Further more, in 1947, the local teacher near Shaitan-lake suddenly heard a gentle, ethereal ringing bells coming from above. Looked up to the sky and with amazement saw horses rushing through the air, but these beautiful that it is impossible to pass. “Their curly golden mane in the wind, I can still see, you only close your eyes,” — she said. Some signs in the sky and saw the other village women.
In other years Okunev guys seen a vision in the air “live rider, is real, as they said, uniformed Commissioner of the Civil War.” Here they are — horses, flying through the sky!
Even more horrible story once told former soldier, a man not timid. Summer moonlight he saw a huge dog, which had sailed to the other side of Tara, has become a great human being, dressed in white garments. And it seems like, not when he saw a huge shaggy dog, pobultyhavshis water Tara went into the other side of the two-meter man.
There were miracles of another kind, such as disappearances. Thus, in the sixties of the last century near the Shaitan-lake disappeared without a trace a group of military researchers. And the leader of another group of researchers from Naberezhnye Chelny, academician T. Ermakova herself for a moment disappeared from this world: on the way to the lake, Shaitan, she suddenly felt the absolute silence, isolation and solitude. Fearing the unknown status, Tamara intuitively sharply stepped forward, and then it went back to the sound of green wood and the voices of colleagues who have lost it.
In the forest around the village very many trees downed top, as if something, flying, they hooked. A lot of trees twisted and kinked.
It is interesting also that somehow Moscow scientists saw in the same Okunevaya unusual lizard — a length of forty inches, thick, gray-spotted, it was more like a lizard or lizards from Tales of the Ural Bazhova Mistress of Copper Mountain. But it is possible that an effect on the reptile long stay this strange energy band.
UFO, land subsidence, or a better night sleep.
Glowing balls in Okunevo
Werewolves, ghosts, Humpbacked Horse okunevtsev can not be surprised, but that’s not all. Most importantly, as we have not yet talked — UFOs, although it slightly touched on this topic.



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