Meru Arctic, Kashmir, Tanzania ,Celestial?

Mount Meru is mentioned in all the Puranas, especially while talking of the Evolution of The Universe.

Jambudvipa lies in the middle of all Mortal Realms and in its center is the lofty Mt. Meru, bright as gold. Its height is 84,000 yojanas, and it extends 16,000 yojanas below the earth; its width at the top is 32,000 and at the base is 16,000 yojanas.

-Kurma Purana.

Name Width Height/Depth
Sumeru (Sineru) mountain 80,000 yojanas 80,000 yojanas
Sea 80,000 yojanas 80,000 yojanas
Yugandhara mountains 40,000 yojanas 40,000 yojanas
Sea 40,000 yojanas 40,000 yojanas
Iṣadhara (Isadhara) mountains 20,000 yojanas 20,000 yojanas
Sea 20,000 yojanas 20,000 yojanas
Khadiraka (Karavīka) mountains 10,000 yojanas 10,000 yojanas
Sea 10,000 yojanas 10,000 yojanas
Sudarśana (Sudassana) mountains 5,000 yojanas 5,000 yojanas
Sea 5,000 yojanas 5,000 yojanas
Aśvakarṇa (Assakaṇṇa) mountains 2,500 yojanas 2,500 yojanas
Sea 2,500 yojanas 2,500 yojanas
Vinadhara (Vinataka) mountains 1,250 yojanas 1,250 yojanas
Sea 1,250 yojanas 1,250 yojanas
Nimindhara (Nemindhara) mountains 625 yojanas 625 yojanas
Outer Sea 32,000 yojanas relatively shallow
Cakravāḍa (Cakkavāḷa) mountains(circular edge of the world) 312.5 yojanas 312.5 yojanas


Mount Meru is also considered Divne and is ver Holy for the Sakthi Upasakas.

Lalitatha Sahsranama  referrs  ‘Meru Mandla Madhyastha’

This house is described in detail in the Brahmaanda Purana,”In that house of Chintamani all is Chintamani.”This house having an extent of a thousand yojanas is above the world system.


The Rudrayaamala says,”In that Chintamani house of a thousand yojanas in extent.


“The house which is on Meru is smaller in size. ‘


There are views that this Mountain is terrestrial.

Some Hindu traditions place it in The Arctic.

1.There is evidence that the Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic.

I have  a post on this.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak subscribes to this view.

The Arctic region today, comprises of kilometers thick sheets of Ice spread for miles together, with hardly any land or vegetation on it.. But, what if the North Pole, at some time in its history, did support land as well as vegetation???
My research, turned up evidence that North Pole INDEED boasted of a continent right until the Miocene Period which however, got submerged during the subsequent Ice-Ages (!!). According to latest geological evidence, the last Glacial period closed about 10,000 years ago and the geographical distribution of land then, was radically DIFFERENT from what it is at present..”
Mount Meru as the Center of the Earth.jpg
Mount Meru as the Center of the Earth.
2. Mount Meru in Tanzania.
We have a Mountain by the name Meru in Tanzania.
Meru in Central Asia, Korean Legend.jpg
A Korean world map centered on the legendary Mount Meru in Central Asia.”A Korean world map centered on the legendary Mount Meru in Central Asia.” by Unknown – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Mount Meru is an active stratovolcano located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the nation of Tanzania.

And there is a Town Meru in the neighboring Kenya!

3.Meru is also identified Mount Meru or Sumeru with the Pamirs, north-west of Kashmir.

4.The Meru is Celestial.

Hindu Tantra shastras maintain that Meru is a spiritual Plane of Existence.

Buddhism and Jainism say the same.


Tibetan Buddhism regards Meru as the Center of the Universe and believes it to be beyond the physical plane, in a realm of perfection and transcendence. Symbolic representations of Meru are frequently found in Tibetan and Bhutanese mandalas designed to aid in meditation.’.

5.Surya Siddhanta View.

Surya Siddhanta is a highly accurate astronomical treatise br the Hindus.

It says, of Meru thus,


Suryasiddhanta once says square root of 10 is value of ‘pi’, but root of 10 is merely a crude value of ‘pi’ for teaching students and should never be used for any serious purpose. Any siddhanta must never abuse the basic laws of mathematics. The value of ‘pi’ is 3.14159265……., and not root of 10. In Vedic mathematics, there were formulae for computing ‘pi’ with 12 or 32 digit accuracy. Fot 12 digits, ‘pi’ = SQRT {2* (18000^2) / (65656565 – OCTAL 666)} ; Octal 666 is number for Satan in Biblical mathematics and is therefore subtracted.

Earth’s equatorial circumference is 1600 * ‘pi’ = 5026.5482457… yojanas, whereas Manda-paridhi of sun is 5040 yojanas (5039.990052). One degree (amsha0 of manda paridhi is sun’s paridhyamsha (= paridhi + amsha) = 5040 / 360 = 14 yojanas (13.9999723667) per degree. The diameter of manda-paridhi is 5040/pi = 1604.278659816 yojanas or 34.112669 kms, which is the distance of the centre of Manda-paridhi from Earth’s equatorial surface. it is equal to the height of Mt Meru (Mt Kenya = 5.199 Kms) and a mysterious term equal to 28.913669002241621530835902160508 Kms. It is equal to sum of four components :

d1 = R * sin(180 degrees / 42000) = 28.6231184335656015… Kms
d2 = R * sin(180 degrees / 4200000) = 0.2862311846025405641566… Kms
d3 = R * sin(180 degrees / [4200000 * 71]) = 0.004031425135247426…. Kms
d4 = R * sin(180 degrees / [4200000 * 71 * 14 ]) = 0.000287958938 Kms

The actual centre of all universes is 28.913669002241621530835902160508 Kms higher than the tip of terrestrial Mt Meru (Mt Kenya) and is Divine Mt Meru.’

I have written an article that


1.Lord Vishnu’s Nabhi as the center of our Milky way Galaxy verified.

“The Galactic Center cannot be observed at visible, ultraviolet, or x-ray wavelengths because interstellar dust obscures the line of sight. All scientific information about it comes from observations of gamma ray, hard X-ray, infrared, and radio wavelengths. The precise astronomical location of the Galactic Center at approximately 3 degrees Sagittarius (sidereal) was first verified in 1918 by Harlow Shapley. However its energetic connection to the earth was not realized until 1932 when Karl G. Jansky, an engineer working for Bell Telephone, was investigating the source of the static interference with overseas telephone lines. He discovered that the interference was due to radio waves being emitted from the center of the galaxy. The source of the radio waves appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center, and may coincide with a super massive black hole. This black hole has the equivalent mass of 4 million suns and is the source of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy. Thus the Galactic Center is the Sun around which our Sun rotates.’

Considering all these facts I tend to surmise that the Physical Meru is in the Arctic ( I have a post that the inside of the Earth is not hollow) ans also a spiritual plane.

After all what is In the Microcosm is in the Macrocosm.

Citation. ( Image and a portion of the Text quoted)



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