Why Love Happens Tamil Answers

Recently I came across a question in a Facebook Community.

‘Why does Love happen’?

People may brush it aside as silly but it needs an answer.

Lovers Portrayed ina temple in Tamil Nadu.jpg
Lovers Portrayed ina temple in Tamil Nadu

I did not see any relevant answer to the question.

In life we see people falling in Love, some of them,if succesful’ lead a Happy married Life

Even among those successful in getting married, the unhappiness  after marriage rate is high.

I am speaking of Love and not what is now portrayed as a convenient arrangement for  one’ security.

Now I find whether it be a boy or a Girl,  contrary to what many think, do not fall in Love without deliberation.

They check the financial position, the responsibilities one has to bear and decide to fall in Love.

In my opinion this is not Love.

This is a deliberate arrangement to ensure smooth Life, whether that myth remains through out Life is another matter.

Love is a passion that surges forward at a specific point for no known reason.

Shakespeare put it,

‘Whoever loved that loved not at first sight’

How and why does this Love happen?

I checked Tamil literature for Tamil classical literature is a reflection of ancient Tamil life and offers solution to any aspect of Life.

Tamil language has a separate grammar called Kalaviyal, they have treated Life as a part of language evolution.

While marriage as an institution was  given its due, Tamils were practical in assigning a place for love and have laid certain rules for Love!

This is Called Kalaviyal,களவியல்,  Kalavu,one of its meaning, is on the Sly.

I shall be posting on this later.

What does Tamil say on Love happening?

Tamil acknowledges that neither marital status nor finanicial one has anything to do with it.

It happens to all at any age.

The value judgement on this is a different matter,

There are rules even for this.

The first available book on Tamil Grammar says thus,


““ஒன்றே வேறே என்றிருபால் வயின்
ஒன்றி யுயர்ந்த பால தாணையின்
ஒத்த கிழவனும் கிழத்தியும் காண்ப
மிக்கோ னாயினும் கடிவரை யின்றே” (களவியல் – 2)’ Tolkaapiyam.

Love between a Man and a woman happens because of…’Fate”

Note that Tolkaapiyam is careful in saying ‘between Aman and woman,implying that there were other relationships as well.

I tend to agree that Love, Marriage, Children and Profession is the handiwork of Fate, our protestations notwithstanding.

Sanatan Dharam says much the same.





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