Resonating Pyramid Glowing Third Eye Ecuador Vedic Mandala

Meru in Sanskrit means Pyramid shaped,as in the Meru of the Devi.

She is the consort of lord Shiva who shares His Body with Her.

Black Pyramid, La Man.gif
Black Pyramid, La Mana, Ecuador.

And the third Eye is Unique to Lord Shiva.

It is interesting to find a Black Pyramid, with The Third Eye in the dead center that glows under Ultraviolet Light.

It is the Black Pyramid of La Mana, Ecuador.

Black Pyramid Glwing Under Ultra Vilolet.gif
Black Pyramid Glwing Under Ultra Vilolet.

I have posted articles on the migration of the Vedic People to the Americas and archeological evidence is piling up.

Nazca Lines of Peru, the relationship of Incas with Tamil of Mayas with Sanatana Dharma.

Please refer my articles filed under Hinduism.

Black Pyramid Glows.gif
Black Pyramid Glows.
Inscription on the Pyramid.gif
Inscription on the Pyramid.La Mana

Translation of the Balck Pyramid Inscription.gif
Translation of the Balck Pyramid Inscription.


The La Maná region has drawn attention for decades after the Head of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Mines Dr. E. Guillermo Sotomayor (1918-2009) made the surprise discovery of a cache of hundreds of ancient relics that included dozens of magnetic stone artifactswith inlaid designs that fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Sotomayor’s years of research concerning a set of 13 magnetic stone cups led him to recognize the astonishing purity and curative effects of the springwaters of these mystical mountains.

Thick kaolinite clay beds filter rainwater while the activity of lightning and the presence of precious metals below ground imbues the water with trace gold and silver nanoparticles, forming the natural electrum colloid venerated by the pyramid-building Paleo-Sanskrit culture as the elixir of life: ‘Soma’…

The most visible of these hidden ancient monuments is a riverfront pyramid construction that presents a triangular north-facing plane rising at a consistent inclination angle of 45° to its apex, over 70m in height. The symmetry of this ancient construction can be clearly observed from across the Calope River, while the apex platform and rear causeway are most visible from due west (above).

This ancient monument has been named the Hummingbird Pyramid, after the great variety of local hummingbird species whose rhythmic wingbeats symbolized psychoacoustic influences among all ancient cultures of the Andes. The apex of the Hummingbird Pyramid (0.9978°S 79.2283°W) is situated closely along the 1° south latitude, 7,472 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. This resonant distance interval represents 30.02% of the Earth’s mean circumference of 24,892 miles, exactly corresponding to the 2:3:5 Fibonacci proportional relationship known as the Golden Ratio.

This sacred geopositioning relationship between the Great Pyramid and the La Maná pyramid complex was visually expressed in the designs of the UV fluorescent Third-Eye Pyramid and World Map stone artifacts. A pair of palm-sized octagonal stone disks engraved with UV fluorescent circles reference the mandala of Sanskrit tradition that has been decoded in previous works as thequantum iterated function [ zn+1 = zn2 ], expressing the global distribution pattern of infrasound standing waves….’

Commonly referred to as Schumann Resonance, this fluctuating set of resonant planetary frequencies is composed of the sum of cosmic, solar, lunar, planetary and terrestrial vibrations that find continuity in the resonant cavity of Earth’s atmosphere. Earth’s energetic cocoon was extolled as the Akashic Field in votive passages from stone tablets preserved at Paleo-Sanskrit cultural sites on every inhabited continent of the world, praising the beneficial actions of Indra, the divine personification of resonant infrasonic influences from the planet Jupiter upon all living organisms of Earth.’

This is a stone pyramid about ten inches high. It was found in the 1980s in the jungles of Ecuador, and this and other artifacts are referred to as La Mana artifacts.

It is striking, at first sight, but there is a lot more to this out-of-place-artifact (or, oopart) than meets the eye.

The stone is black and white, with thirteen levels of a brick pyramid engraved into it.

There is also a cleverly inlaid eye at the top of the pyramid..

Translation of the Inscription.

The German site translates this line as:

“The Son/Daughter of my creator moves/comes from outside into…” (Orion constellation inlay)

This is the mirrored translation:

“Venus mine, is from highest/creator Star”

Vedic Connection.

Su-ta ma ti kara as!

Sutamam (सुतमाम्) most excellent
Ati (अति) extremely
Aakar (आकार) shape, configuration
Aas or As (आस्) to be

This is would pretty closely translate from Sanskrit as “This is an most excellent configuration’. This makes more sense when we take into the consideration that this inscription was found on an artifact that has to do with Orion constellation – a constellation that is visible from any point of the earth.

Another La Mana inscription has been decoded as: “ash-ta-ma asta viupama as”. This was termed Pre-Sanskrit and translated as ” “Venus mine, is from highest/creator Star”. But the words probably have a more refined meaning if we look at it through the Sanskrit lens. Here are the meanings of the words”.

Ashtamam – (अष्टमान) measure
Ashtamah – (अष्टमः) eight
Aashtamah – (आष्टम) eighth part
Upamaa (उपमाम्) highest degree or compared with

Asta (अस्त) sunset or decline.


Black Pyramid La Mana

Humming Bird Pyramid.

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