I Am a Brahmin Sanskrit Scholar Tolkappiar Tamil

The oft repeated canard that the Brahmins were invaders , entered through Khyber Pass, imposed Aryan Supremacy over the Dravida Tamil and that Tamil is against Sanskrit and the Vedas gets nailed when one reads the ancient Tamil works in the original.

Tolkaapiyar Tamil Grammarian.jpg
Tolkaapiyar Tamil Grammarian 8 BC.


It is a different matter that these people do not where the Khyber Pass is, is another matter.

The Aran Invasion theory perpetrated by the British has been nailed.

Please read my Post on this.

The First literary work n Tamil was by Sage Agastya, called Agathiyam, which was consumed by a Tsunami.

Agastya was a Brahmin.

The next work in Tamil dealing with Tamil Grammar, was written by Tolkappiyar.

It is called Tolkaapiyam, meaning Ancient literature.

This Book deals with the rules of Tamil Grammar.

A joker politician in Tamil Nadu changed his Father’s Name(?) from , if I recall correctly, to Tolpaapiyan, thinking that it is a Non Brahmin Name.

The politician is a Dalit,

These people destroy the fabric of the society for they know nothing of the rich culture of Tamil and its traditions.

Let us see who Tolkaapiyar is from….?

Tolkappiyar himself.

In his preface to Tolkaapiyam he writes,


வட வேங்கடம் தென் குமரி
தமிழ் கூறும் நல் உலகத்து
வழக்கும் செய்யுளும் ஆயிரு முதலின்
எழுத்தும் சொல்லும் பொருளும் நாடிச்
செந்தமிழ் இயற்கை சிவணிய நிலத்தொடு
முந்து நூல் கண்டு முறைப்பட எண்ணிப்
புலம் தொகுத்தோனே போக்கு அறு பனுவல்
நிலம் தரு திருவின் பாண்டியன் அவையத்து
அறம் கரை நாவின் நான்மறை முற்றிய‌
அதங்கோட்டு ஆசாற்கு அரில் தபத் தெரிந்து
மயங்கா மரபின் எழுத்து முறை காட்டி
மல்கு நீர் வரைப்பின் ஐந்திரம் நிறைந்த‌
எனத் தன் பெயர் தோற்றிப்
பல் புகழ் நிறுத்த படிமையோனே


அறம் கரை நாவின் நான்மறை முற்றிய‌
அதங்கோட்டு ஆசாற்கு- I am a disciple of Athankottu Aasan, a Brahmin well versd in the Vedas.


ஐந்திரம் நிறைந்த‌
எனத் தன் பெயர் தோற்றி. I have studied the Einthiram( a Grammar book in Tamil , lost to us  mentioned in Panini’s  Grammar ”



‘The Aindra (of Indra) school of Sanskrit grammar is one of the eleven schools of Sanskrit grammar mentioned in Pāṇini’s Ashtadhyayi. It is named after Indra in allusion toLord Indra, the king of Gods in Hindu mythology. Arthur Coke Burnell, a renowned orientologist, in his 1875 book, “On the Aindra school of Sanskrit grammars” details this school. Burnell believed that most non-Pāṇinian systems of Sanskrit grammar were traceable to this school of grammar, believed to be the oldest and reputed to be founded by Indra.’

Tolkaapiyar is not his real name.

Tolkaapiyar of the Lineage of Bhrigu and Jamadagni.

His real name was ‘ThruNadhUmAgn’

He was one of the twelve disciples of  Agastya.

Tolkaapiyam was made Public in Adankodu, a part of Kerala.

But Tolkaapiyar says this was done in the presence of a Pandyan King.

Af=dhankodu was in Chera Kigdom.

Possible that at that time , the Kingdom was won by Pndyas.

There is a view that Tolkaapiyar was born in an agrarian Family.

But there is no sufficient evidence to support this.


Tolkaapiyar Name

Sage Agastya






6 thoughts on “I Am a Brahmin Sanskrit Scholar Tolkappiar Tamil

  1. Why do you refer contemptuously to the politician being

    a Dalit? It shows the proverbial brahminical caste arrogance.



      1. If somebody insults your community, you take the

        concerned person to task. Don’t insult the community

        to which he belongs.


  2. Leave about the Dalit. What the Brahmins doing taking bath twice and telling that the people are untouchable etc., they dont know the things just because you people hided every thing studies, veda’s and all. Discrimination is the main thing which divided INDIANs and others came into Barathavani and ruled out make us eat beef’s etc., is it not just becoz we are not united. Useless fellows when it comes to them every one will talk secular. Whats there in that if u give respect to same religion guys. It just you have decided based on the works opted by the people they use to tell them caste. I know population of others increased and future is we ll be slaves under others but we cant be one by the name of caste and etc.,


    1. 1.The Vedas are for every one and no body has prohibited any one.
      Minimum qualificaton for studying them was laid.There was no issue of caste involved.
      2.No body hid it from anybody.
      Please read my posts on Catte.


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