Hrudayamrutham Rare Book Umanandanathar On Lalitha

I had written on Bhaskararaya and His works on Devi Lalithambika and mentioned that his two books were published by Umanandanathar ,his disciple.

Bhskararaya, The Man who wrote Bhashya of lalita Sahsranaama.image.jpg
Sri Bhaskararaya


It seems there is yet another rare book by Umanandanathar.


The reason for this post is about the The Giant who had written Bhashya, Explanation oh Lalita Sahsranaama, Sri Bhaskararaya.


He was born in 1690 in Bhaga, Maharashtra, India, is Mother Konamba and father Gambiraraya, a Scholar.


Gambirraya was conferred the Title ‘Bharathi by the Vijayanagar Empire.


He was of Viswamitra Gotra,


Gambiraraya administered the Saraswati Mantram and had Bhaskararaya trained under Sri Narasimha Advari in Benares,Varanasi.


Bhaskararaya was highly respected by the learned and won accolades from Kings and Scholars.


He was married to Anandhi and Parvati.


He  settled in Benares and wrote over 40 books on Vedanta, Mimamsa,Vyakaran,Nyaya, Smriti,Mantra Shastra.


All the works are research papers!


He referers to more than 150 sources for his laita Sahasranaama Bhahsya.


He had a host of Disciplies and Umanandanathar wrote  a book on Parasuramakalpasutram and a Biography of Bhaskararaya in Bhaskara Vilaasam.


It is called Hrudayamrutham.


I received a communication from the granddaughter of the Publisher .


Kaniyanoor  Late.R.Subrahmanyam published his in the late 70’s.


I have received her permission to share it.

Here is the book in pdf.



Lalitha Sahasranama by Bhakararaya




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