Tamil Adhiyaman Ikshvahu Introduced Sugarcane To World

It is said that sugarcane was introduced to the world by New Guinea.

Sugcarcane introduced by amilKing,and Ikshvahu.jpg
Sugcarcane introduced by amilKing,and Ikshvahu.

‘Sugarcane is indigenous to tropical South and Southeast Asia.Different species likely originated in different locations, with Saccharum barberi originating in India and S. edule and S. officinarum in New Guinea. Approximately 70% of the sugar produced globally comes from S. officinarum and hybrids using this species. It is theorized that sugarcane was first domesticated as a crop in New Guinea around 6000 BC. New Guinean farmers and other early cultivators of sugarcane chewed the plant for its sweet juice. Early farmers in Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, may have also boiled the cane juice down to a viscous mass to facilitate transportation, but the earliest known production of crystalline sugar began in northern India. The exact date of the first cane sugar production is unclear. The earliest evidence of sugar production comes from ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts.’

Fact do no not support this.

Hindu Puranas state that  the Earth consisted of Seven Islands.

For details please read my post.

The Seven Islands and Seas.

Continent/ Island Ocean
Jambūdvīpa Lavanoda (Salt – ocean)
Ghatki Khand Kaloda (Black sea)
Puskarvardvīpa Puskaroda (Lotus Ocean)
Varunvardvīpa Varunoda (Varun Ocean)
Kshirvardvīpa Kshiroda (Ocean of milk)
Ghrutvardvīpa Ghrutoda (Ghee ocean)
Ikshuvardvīpa Iksuvaroda (Ocean of Sugarcane Juice)
Nandishwardvīpa Nandishwaroda

Goddess Lalithambika and God of Love,Manmatha hold Sugarcane in their hands.

Sugarcane abhisheka is performed for the Deities.

The ancestor and the founder of Lord Rama’s Dynasty,Ikshvahu name means ‘Sugarcane’

As I have posted earlier Ikshvahu’s ancestor, Satyavrata Manu,also called Vaivasvatha Manu,migrated from the South,Tamil Nadu with his sons to the North.

The Dravidas , people of the South,knew the cultivation of Sugarcane.

There is a mention of this in Tamil Poet,Avvayar’s poem on King Adhiyaman .


‘அரும்பெறல் மரபின் கரும்பு இவண் தந்தும்,
நீர்அக இருக்கை ஆழி சூட்டிய
தொன்னிலை மரபின் நின் முன்னோர் போல,
ஈகைஅம் கழற்கால் இரும்பனம் புடையல்,
பூவார் காவின், புனிற்றுப் புலால் நெடுவேல்,
எழுபொறி நாட்டத்து எழாஅத் தாயம்
வழுவின்று எய்தியும் அமையாய், செருவேட்டு,
இமிழ்குரல் முரசின் எழுவரொடு முரணிச்
சென்று, அமர் கடந்து, நின் ஆற்றல் தோற்றிய
அன்றும், பாடுநர்க்கு அரியை; இன்றும்
பரணன் பாடினன் மற்கொல், மற்று நீ
முரண் மிகு கோவலூர் நூறி, நின்
அரண் அடு திகிரி ஏந்திய தோளே!
வட்கர் போகிய வளரிளம் போந்தை
உச்சிக் கொண்ட ஊசி வெண்தோட்டு,

The Italicised portion means,’ you (Adhiyaman) has given the wolrd Sugarcane(Karumbu)

Tamils,Kannadgas and Telugus celebrate New year with Sugarcane, though the the first day of the New Year varies from the tamils for the Kannadigas and Telugus.

It may be noted that the Sanskrit word Sharkara is the root for the word Sugarcane.


Their first Thirthankara Rishabadeva (Adi Nath) was the one who taught the people of extraction of sugarcane juice. So he was known as Ikshvaku. Another version is that he took sugarcane juice after a year of fasting.( Jain Puranas)


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