Mount Shastha, California,Thiruvannamalai’s Twin

The Puranas state that the Americas are the Patala.

I have a detailed post on this, including geographical evidence.

Ramana Maharishi.jpg
Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi,Thiruvannamalai

Taking this further, what the Puranas state being underneath something in Bharatavarsha, it is reasonable to assume to find such objects in the Americas.

Mount shastha, California,US.jpg
Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flying from en:San Jose, California to en:Portland, Oregon. “MtShasta aerial” by Ewen Denney – en. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Mayan Civilization falls under this category and I shall be posting on this in detail.

Sunrise in Arunachala.jpg
Sunrise in Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai.

Now to Mount Shastha In California,

Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all…….. The Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi said that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth and that there must be another mountain corresponding to it at the opposite side of the globe. I am suggesting that the other mountain is Mt. Shasta. But whether that is true or not, there is no doubt in my mind that Mt. Shasta and Mt. Arunachala are two of the major spiritual power spots of planet Earth“..”-Kenneth Grant,

“The earlier forms – such as Saste, Shaste, Sasty, Shasty, Chasty, Shasti, Shastika – have given place to the form Shasta…. The origin and meaning of this term are obscure.”

Referring to the the mid 1850s, Dr. R.B. Dixon says, “After persistent inquiry, the only information secured which throws any light on the matter is to the effect that about forty or fifty years ago there was an old man living in Shasta Valley whose personal name was Shastika (Stisti’ka). He is reported to have been a man of importance; and it is not impossible that the name Shasta came from this Indian (Native American), an old and well-known man…..” Could it then be that the mountain is named after this old, quite possibly learned and wise man. Maybe then he was referred to as Shastri (शास्त्री). In Sanskrit, Shastri means “the wise one or the learned one”.

Head of the native American Shasta tribe was Sambho.

The Shasta tribe inhabited the area close to the Klamath River. The Klamath River was known to them by the name ‘Ish-Keesh’ (ईश-कीश). In Sanskrit ‘Ish-Keesh’ (ईश-कीश) translates as ‘Lord Sun’.

Native Americans also called Mt. Shasta ‘Uytah-Ku’ or ‘White Mountain’, possibly a corruption of ‘Shweta-Naku’ (श्वेता- नाकु) also meaning ‘White Mountain’ in Sanskrit. Another name for Mt. Shasta was ‘waika’, which is also probably a corruption of the Sanskrit ‘shweta’ (श्वेत) meaning ‘white’. In fact, the English word ‘white’ itself derives from the Sanskrit ‘shweta’. Another Sanskrit word also meaning white is ‘shuchi’ (शुचि) and could have been distorted into ‘shasta’ over time.

Mount Shasta (Karuk: Úytaahkoo or “White Mountain”)[5][6] is a potentially active volcano located at the southern end of theCascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At 14,179 feet (4,322 m),[1] it is the second highest peak in the Cascades and thefifth highest in California. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 km3) which makes it the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc”

The lore of some of the Klamath Tribes in the area held that Mount Shasta is inhabited by the Spirit of the Above-World, Skell, who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit at the request of a Klamath chief. Skell fought with Spirit of the Below-World, Llao, who resided at Mount Mazama by throwing hot rocks and lava, probably representing the volcanic eruptions at both mountains.[21]

Italian settlers arrived in the early 1900s to work in the mills and as stonemasons and established a strong Catholic presence in the area. Many other faiths have been attracted to Mount Shasta over the years—more than any other Cascade volcano.[citation needed] Mount Shasta City and Dunsmuir, California, small towns near Shasta’s western base, are focal points for many of these, which range from aBuddhist monastery (Shasta Abbey, founded by Houn Jiyu-Kennett in 1971) to modern-day Native American rituals. A group of Native Americans from the McCloud River area practice rituals on the mountain.[22]

Mount Shasta has also been a focus for non-native American legends, centered on a hidden city of advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria.[23] The legend grew from an offhand mention of Lemuria in the 1880s, to a description of a hidden Lemurian village in 1925. In 1931, Wisar Spenle Cerve wrote Lemuria: the lost continent of the Pacific, published by the Rosicrucians, about the hidden Lemurians of Mount Shasta that cemented the legend in many readers’ minds”

Does this Mountain have anything to do with Shastha,Lord Ayyappa?

I am researching.


Mount Shastha Twin Mountain of Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai



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