Bible Family Tree In Bhavishya Purana Enoch and Others

Judaism and Christianity seem to have borrowed heavily from Hinduism.


I am providing the family Tree according to The Bible and the Text from the Bhavishya Purana.

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Family Tree of The Bible.

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Bhavishya Purana Text.

Text: 31
His wife Havyavati (Eve) will be very eager to see the tree of sin, and will go by the shadow of the tree. Kali (Satan) also will come there in the form of serpent.

Text: 32
Then they will disobey the commandment of Vishnu who told Adama (Adam) not to eat the fruit of the tree of sin. Because the fruit was good to see they eat it and become “Mleccha” and hence will turn towards the world.

Text: 33
They will wear the garments of fig leaves against the wind. The children of their generation will be called as “Mlecchas” because Adama (Adam) and Havya (Eve) will disobey Vishnu.

Text: 34
Adama (Adam) will live for 930 years.

Text: 35
Shveta (Seth) will be his son, of Shveta (Seth), Kenaasha (Cainan), son of Anuha.

Text: 36
Anuha (Enos) will be the son of Shveta (Seth), Kenaasha (Cainan), son of Anuha.

Text: 38
Virada (Jared) his son will live for 160 years and beget a son, and then live 900 years.

Text: 39
Hanucha (Enoch) son of Virada will be an ardent worshipper of Vishnu.

Enoch (/ˈnək/; Hebrew: חֲנוֹךְ, Modern H̱anokh, Tiberian Ḥănōḵ; Arabic: إدريسʼIdrīs) is a figure in Biblical literature. In addition to an appearance in the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, Enoch is the subject of many Jewish and Christian writings.

Enoch was the son of Jared (Gen 5:19-21), the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. Enoch lived 365 years before he was taken by God, which is a small amount of time compared to his offspring Methuselah, who lived to be 969 years old. The text reads that Enoch “walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him” (Gen 5:22–29). This Enoch is not to be confused with Cain’s son Enoch (Gen 4:17). The Christian New Testament has three references to Enoch from the lineage of Seth (Luke 3:37, Hebrews 11:5, Jude 1:14–15).’-Enoch 

Text: 40
Hanucha (Enoch) will rule for 365 years and being an ardent worshipper of Vishnu according to Mleccha Dharma, he will ascend bodily to heaven.

Text: 43
Matocchila (Methusela) his son will rule for 970 years.

Text: 44
Lomaka (Lamech) his son will rule for 777 years.

Text: 45
Nyuha (Noah) will be his son. He will rule for 500 years. He will beget three sons. Seema, Shama (Shem), and his brother. Nyuha will be the only beloved of Vishnu always meditating on Vishnu.

Text: 47
Lord Vishnu will one day appear in a dream to Nyuha (Noah) and will say:

Text: 48
“My son Nyuha (Noah), hear me, this world will be destroyed by flood in seven days. Therefore build thou a ship (ark) for you and your family only to be safe from Pralayam (Flood).

Text: 49
Prosper in this world after the flood for thou art the most righteous man on the earth”. Then the sage Nyuha (Noah) will prepare a ship.

Text: 50
Length of the ship 300 hand breadth, Width, 50 hand breadth, height 30 hand breadth.

Text: 51
Meditating on Vishnu, Nyuha (Noah) will ascend the ship along with his wife, his three sons and their wives (eight souls). The world was flooded by rain for 44 days.

Text: 52
The whole land of Bharata (India), Plava (Palestina) and Sindava (Punjab) will go submerged in that flood.

Text: 54
All will be lost except Nyuha and his family. Thus ends the 4th chapter.

Ch.5 Text 1-3
The Vedic Script will be lost in the floods. Only the Mleccha language will prevail. As Kali Yuga will proceed Brahmi language will prosper.

Text: 5
Sima (Shem), Hama (Ham) Yakuta (Japheth) will be the three children of Nyuha who will replenish the earth after the flood Yakuta will beget seven sons.

Text: 9
The second son Hama (Ham) will beget four sons. Kusha (Cush) Mishra (Mizraim), Kuja (Canaan) and…….

Text: 11
Nimaruh (Nimrod) son of Kusha will be mighty in strength and prevail.

Text: 13
Sima (Shem) the eldest son of Nyuha will be ruler for 500 years.

Text: 14
Arkansada (Arphaxed) his son rules for 430 years.

Text: 15
Simhla (Sela) will rule for 406 years. His son is Ivrata (Eber).

Text: 16
Phalaga (Peleg) his son will rule for 224 years.

Text: 17
Ravu (Reu) his son will rule for 237 years.

Text: 18
Juja (Serug) his son, Nahora (Nahor).

Text: 19
Tahara (Terah) will beget Avirama (Abraham), Nahura (Nahor), Harana (Haran).

Text: 20
They all become Mleccha by the curse of Saraswati and they will speak Mleccha language but Samskrita (Sanskrit) will be the language of Bharata Desham (India).

Text: 22
But these people (Mleccha) will go to another country and prosper there as Mlecchas in that country, but originally belonging to Bhara Desham.

Text: 29
2000 years after the prosperity of Mlecchas the whole world will be full of mixed people.

Text: 30
Some divine sage will stay on the shores of river Saraswathi. One great leader of Mlecchas, Moosha (Moses) wil arise.

Text: 31
At that time in Kali Yuga there will not be true worship of God, the true Vedic language is lost and the Mleccha language will be of four types.


Bible Family Tree in Bhavishya Purana


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2 thoughts on “Bible Family Tree In Bhavishya Purana Enoch and Others”

  1. I very much about the authenticity of MATSYA PURANA AND BHAVISHYA PURANA. Why does all the HOLY BOOKS OF THE WORLD(BIBLE/PURANAS/MAYAN/SUMERIAN etc.,) mention everything on EARTH but omit to mention TAMIL though TAMIL has been vogue at least from 2nd CENTURY BC?What is the mystery about TAMIL?WHY does all ancient historians including ALBERUNI ignore CHOLAS/PALLAVAS?Does CHOLAS/PALLAVAS and TAMIL is a myth?Why does nobody looks into it but hide TAMIL in the stupid theory of DRAVIDIANISM?Is it a grand design by some mysterious clout that wants to suppress TAMIL and its original speakers in the stupid myth of Dravidianism?No sensible historian will accept DRAVIDIANISM since even MAHAVAMSA the earliest SUB CONTINENT HISTORICAL TREATISE never mention TAMIL but its reference to DAMELA is taken as Tamil which is incorrect since DAMELA even upto THE PERIOD OF EAST INDIA COMPANY refers to MERCHANT TITLE OF ANDHRA. Or does Tamil originate in East Asia?


    1. I am posting artilces based on Tamil references.

      Your observation about Jain, Buddhist and Tamil being ignored is true.

      Tamils are so cocooned that they keep talikng anbout themselves to themselves, with out trying to state historical facts.

      those who do are fanatical and decry anything other than Tamil.
      This probably is the reason.
      jain and Buddhist literature do not get eposure.
      I shall be writing on this and follow up with articles based on these resources.


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