Yama God Of Death Built A Temple in Arkaim Russia

Human migration is a very tricky affair to follow.

One has to wade through volume after volumes, with a keen eye of world History to track movements people around the world.

For example, whenever there had been an Exodus into Europe, there was a Tsunami in Asia, Bharatavarsha.

This movement of Peoples date back ,probably ,to about 100,000 years!

During such a period a group led by Satyavrata Manu left South India, when India was a part of Gondwana Continent,to Ayodhya to found the Ikshvaku Dynasty, Ikshvaku m being Manu’s son.

Arkaim Ruins, Russia, Plan.jpeg
Arkaim Ruins, Russia, Plan.Click To Enlarge

Lord Rama belonged to this Solar Dynasty.

Another Group led by Shiva and  His son Ganesha left through the middle east, Europe,Africa, Americas , moved to Arctic, where the Rig Veda is reported to have been compiled.

They have left their Clans in the places they have visited and that is the reason why find archeological finds relating to Shiva in all the places, like the Nazca Lines of Peru.

The Shiva Clan, possibly Shiva Himself moved again from the Arctic to India through Russia, Caucasus, Urals, Persia into India and settled in Sarasvati Valley.

This is one of the reasons Tamil scripts are found in Sarasvati Valley.

During this course of this movement?immigration, the Clan left traces, including Temples.

One such Temple was built by Lord Yama, The God of Death in Hinduism, in Arkaim,Russia.


Arkaim Yama temple.

In Russia’s more mystical quarters there is intense interest in the ancient town, seeing it as the city temple built by the legendary King Yama, ruler of the Aryans in the Golden Age, which will once again become the centre of the world.6

However, the discovery of the settlement has opened a historical aperture onto far more than the battles and conquests of an aggressive Indo-European people waged across Eurasia and south into the Mediterranean lands, where their war chariots shattered the peace of Old Europe. What the Land of Cities has revealed in its very structure and history is above all the still earlier past of the Ural-Altaic peoples – a past of such enormous antiquity that it presents more mysteries than it solves.

Built in the unique architectural mould of nordic Asgard, the most sacred shrine of the Aesir of which the Prose Edda relates that “men call it Troy,” Arkaim may have been a shrine dedicated to the Aryan Sun religion, yet the roots of its dedication would have lain ultimately in the far older cult of the Pole star. Essentially, this was the religion of the shaman, the wizard, the medicine-man and other wonder-workers in touch with the spirits of nature.

Thus the swastika, thought to be the exclusively Aryan symbol of sun-worship misappropriated by the Nazis,7 and found depicted on many of the clay pots unearthed in Arkaim, is an older religious and metaphysical symbol than that attached to the Aryan Sun God, its roots lying in totemic shamanism. René Guénon, the eminent French esotericist, points out that the swastika, symbolising eternal motion around a motionless centre, is a polar rather than a solar symbol, and as such was a symbol central to the Pole star cult, originally dedicated to a planetary deity connected to Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This centre, Guénon stresses, “constitutes the fixed point known symbolically to all traditions as the ‘pole’ or axis around which the world rotates…” The swastika is therefore known world-wide as the ‘sign of the pole.’8

In short, it would be a mistake for Russian ethnic pride to train too narrow a focus on Arkaim’s Aryan background, for the town was heir to a great civilising force that existed in the Eurasian corridor long before there were Indo-Europeans. One universal feature of troy towns is missing in Arkaim – presumably because it has been destroyed over the centuries – and that is the altar pillar in the central square. Undoubtedly, in Arkaim we see a late expression of a megalithic Pillar religion that once reigned universally in every corner of the globe, among nearly all peoples, whatever their ethnic type, and which became associated with troy towns. It is the oldest religion known to us and goes back to the most remote antiquity when men saw the heavens as revolving around the axis of the Pole Star.

Only later did the Sun, as the centre of the revolving stellar system, replace the Pole Star as the supreme deity of the Pillar cult and lead to the elevation of the Sun God of the Indo-European peoples. It led to their greater intellectual development, to complex civilisations, to advanced arts and sciences and the transcendence of nature.


Yama Built A Temple Arkaim




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  1. Amazing are the articles that reconfirm by infinite times that our planet has only one Dharma and that is Sanathana Dharma. All the religions & faiths professed today has its origin rooted in this. No words to appreciate the contributions


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