Incas Of Peru Ancestors Tamils Celebrate Makara Sankaranti

I have posted articles that the Sanatana Dharma was in place in the pre-Columbian History,Incas.( 13 century)

The Capital of Incas,Cusco was in Peru.

The Inca Empire was divided into Four Regions as in Ancient Tamils, Kurinji,Mullai,Marutham, Neythal , based on Geography.

The Fifth one Palai is desert.

Considering the fact that they were following most of the customs that are similar to the Customs of Sanatana Dharma. I checked and was pleasantly surprised to find that,

Tamil script 11 century

An inscription in Old Tamil script (Vatte- luttu) from the Later Chola period, circa 11th century AD. Old Tamil is a direct descendant of the Brahmi writing system..jpg


The Ayar-Incas that primitive Aryan words and people came to America especially from Indo-Arya by the island chains ofPolynesia. The very name of the boat in Mexico is a South Indian (Tamil) word: Catamaran.”-

The Ayar-Incas (2 Volume Set): 1. Monuments, Culture, and American Relationship; 2. Asiatic Origins-Miles Poindexter,Former US Ambassador-

The Incas celebrated the Makara Sankaranti in the South Indian Style.

‘Most of you in India are familiar with the Charak Puja ceremonial observed in Bengal and several States in South India. This Hindu Ceremonial also observed in Mexicohistorian call it the mexicon and peru. The Spanish Valador ritual. A relief of Bayon central temple of Angkor Thom inCambodia represents a rite similar to the Mexico Valador. The use of parasol (Chhatra) is an age-old sign of royalty and rank in India, Burma, China and Japan. The Maya Astec and the Incas also used it as a sign of royalty. Frescoes of Chak Multum in Yucatan show two types of parasols both of which correspond to types still in use in South-East Asia.’

Incas celebrated it as “Inti Raymi”

This was celebrated 24 June.

There are theories that this date could have been April 14 or thereabouts,allowing for the Latitude and Longitude differences between India and Peru Columbia.

They called Sun as Inti.

Indira is the name of the God Thunder and Chief of Angels in Hinduism.

The Festival also resembles the Indira Vizha performed during the Tamil Classical period.

Indra is written as Inthiran In Tamil.

The Hindu Almanac for Calculation is called Panchanga.

Sundial used by the Inca is called Pacha Unachaq.

Their system of Governance, at the grass root level, resembles the Kudavolai System by the Tamils, as revealed by Rajarja Cholan epigraph at Tirukkoilyur.

In reading descriptions of the palace and court of the Astec emperors of Mexico, any one familiar with South-East Asia cannot fail to be reminded of the courts of Burma, Siam and Cambodia. The same applied to the form of government. Thus the institution of four chief officials in Mexico and Peru corresponds to the four ministers of state and Governors of the four quarters of the Kingdom in Hindu Buddist empires of South-East Asia. In both cases this institution is based on cosmological principles. This indicates similar pictorial story of the Hindu Buddist origins in the field of art, religious architecture, government, kingship, cosmology and mythology proves close cultural contacts between ancient India and countries of South-East Asia with the countries of Central and South America. Dr. Robert Gelern and Dr. Ekholm have come to the following conclusion:

The large number of highly specific correspondences in so many fields precludes any reponsibility of mere accidental coincidence nor would it help us to take refuge in any kind of explanation based on some alleged psychological laws. There is no psychologial law which could have caused the peoples on both sides of the Pacific to stylize the lotus plant in the same manner and to make it surge from the mouth of a jawless demon’s head, to invent the parasol and use it as a sign of rank and to invent the same complicated game (Pachisi). There is no explanation other than the assumption of cultural relationship. We must bow to the evidence of facts even tough this may mean a completely new start in our appraisal of the origin and development of the American Indian higher civilizations.”




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