Shiva With Third Eye Dance By Australian Tribe

Sanatana Dharma spread far and wide throughout the world.

Middle east,Europe, Africa,Latin America, Americas,England, Sweden,Arctic,Russia,Iran, Burma,Indonesia, Japan,Vietnam,Laos, Cambodia,Fiji,Polynesian Islands, New Zealand and Australia.

The dance of Lord Shiva.jpg

Cosmic Dance of Shiva

A group led by Shiva and Ganesha left from the South of India and traveled to Arctic through the middle east, Europe, Africa,Americas,before returning to Sarasvati valley through Russia and Iran.

Earlier to this event , the Sanatna Dharma was in the Super Continent of Gondwana and spread easily to Australia.

There is  also a reference that Australia might have been the repository for weapons, Astra Alaya.

The wild native tribes of Australia, dance with a ‘Third Eye” painted on their forehead called the ‘Siva Dance’.  (Spencer and Gillen, “The Natives tribes of Central Australia, Figures 128-129, page 21.)

About 5 km to the north of the township of Gympie in south-east Queensland is a structure (or series of structures) which has become known as the ‘Gympie Pyramid’.
There have been many differing claims as to its origins and function. Some of these claims have been quite controversial and gained considerable media attention beginning in 1956 through to the present. In preparing this paper I investigated the various claims and the local folk-lore which surrounds the ‘pyramid’ and attempted to place these in a context which is supported by empirical or historical fact. Documentation was scarce which has meant that the results of my investigation tend to highlight what the structure is not rather than what it is. I hope to remedy this situation by completing a more detailed survey of the site in early 1990…”

Astra in Sanskrit means weapons, arrows, Aalaya means home,


Australia  might mean home of weapons.


Atomic weapons were used in Mahabharata battle.


Read my articles on this.



2 thoughts on “Shiva With Third Eye Dance By Australian Tribe

    1. ramanan50 Post author

      One can not be too sure about either. Considering the Australian links to Sanatana Dharma andcTamils of Lemuria, the presence of Sanatana Dharma customs indicate Hindu presence.But Indian history is so manipulated that many tend not even give a passing thought to the wealth of Archelogical finds linking Sanatana Dharma to various countries My search shall continue .Regds



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