Lakshmi Pre Jewish Canaanite Goddess Of Phoenicians?

Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Mahalakshmi is described thus in the Sri Suktha.

Lakshmi Animated .gif


‘Hiranya Varnaam Harineem’


Of deep red/golden in color, the wife of Hari(Vishnu).



Hiranya is deep red in color, bordering on Purple.


Phoenicians is the name given by the Greeks to the Canaan, the Pre Jewish People in and around modern-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel.


The Cannanites were the people of Kanha, or Krishna, the Vedic God,who after the devastation of the Mahabharata war moved westwards from India.-India in Greece by Edward Pococke.


Bit Lahmi  of the Amarna Letters is traced to Lachmo, the Akkadian god of fertility. The Akkadian civilization flourished around 3000 BC. Lachomo, the Akkadian God was worshiped by the Canaanites as Lachma. They also worshipped Goddess Lachama as his wife. -Richard R Losch.

Cannanite God,jpg
The posture of a Cannnite (pre Jewish Israel) God seated on the left shows a close link to Indian sculpture.

1000 years before the Hebrews arrived in Israel, the Cannanites erected a temple to worship the god on the hill now known as the Hill of the Nativity in the town of Beit Lachama. Beit Lachama was fertile and had a good water supply. When the Jews came in they would naturally not worship the Canan god Lachma and the distortion of interpretations began.

The Cannanite Goddess Astrate.jpg
The Cannanite Goddess Astrate depicted here with snakes and skulls much like the Vedic Goddess Kali.

Beit Lachama meant ‘Temple of the God Lakhmu’, which later distorted to ‘House of Bread’ in Hebrew & Aramaic and to ‘House of Meat’ in Arabic. The etymology of Lakhmu and why the God had that name is unknown.-William F. Albright, American archaeologist .

1. the Goddess Laksmi (लक्ष्मी) – the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

2. The brother of Sri Rama whose name was Lakshmana (लक्ष्मण). ‘Lakshmi’ (लक्ष्मी) in Sanskrit means ‘wealth’, ‘fortune’ or a ‘mark’. ‘Lakshman’ (लक्ष्मण) means ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’.




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