Hanuman Visited Lanka 2014 Visits Regularly

Lord Hanuman (around 5000 BC), one of the Immortals of Hinduism, is reported to have been seen in Sri Lanka in 2014.

It is also reported that he visits Lanka regularly a sub tribe of Veddah in lankan Jungles.

Hanuman is reported to have visited Lanka, according to this tribe during Vibhishana’s Rule!

Hanuman meditating

Setu, a spiritual organisation in Sri Lanka is doing research into this and has the following published in their website.

I have checked with Hoaxslayer.com for to determine whether this is a fact, but there is no information.

I have checked the web, there seems to be no contradiction.

More information as to the veracity of this is required.

“This mystery tribe is basically a sub-tribe of Veddah who are indigenous people of Sri Lanka. A spiritual organization called Setu is studying this tribe and has come up with some startling revelations. People of this tribe are highly spiritual and completely disconnected from the modern world. They live in their own world of jungle with monkeys and birds. Their history goes back to the Ramayana period. According to Setu, Lord Hanuman roamed in various places of the planet. At that time He visited the kingdom of Vibhishana in Lanka too. He lived with ancestors of this tribe and gave them the knowledge of supreme. Study of Setu reveals that Lord Hanuman comes to meet these people every 41 years and He came to meet them recently this year. Next arrival may happen around year 2055.

While Lord Hanuman remains with this tribe, head of the tribe notes down every conversation and incident in a log book. Setu is studying this log book and translating it in modern languages. Setu has posted first chapter of the logbook on their website www.setu.asia which reveals how Lord Hanuman arrived in the jungle few days ago. In first chapter it is mentioned that Lord Hanuman was sitting on the top of a hill of Nuwera Eliya when the head of the tribe went there one evening. In the next chapters it will be described what all Lord Hanuman did with the forest dwellers and what conversations took place between them.

Clearly we human beings of digital age may be very advanced in many things but when it comes to the spiritual advancement, these forest dwellers are way ahead than us. While we may see everything with the prism of our self-defined rationality, there are divine things which exist well beyond our small world of “job, home and vacations”.

From Setu site :
Lord Hanuman visited them recently in 2014.
-> Recently this year in 2014, Lord Hanuman visited them. His next visit will happen after 41 years i.e. in 2055. This year, we were in the know of His arrival. We wanted to see Him with our physical eyes. We expressed our desire to head of the tribe. But we could not pass test of the purity required to see Lord Hanuman. We were told that we are not pure souls hence our eyes cannot see Him. At the time of Lord Hanuman’s visit, Mathangs form a sphere of purity around themselves which is called “HanuMandal”. No impure soul can enter into the sphere. They remain within that sphere and interact with Shri Hanuman.

Human beings were purest in Satyuga. After that erosion of Sanskaras started and now in Kaliyuga we are not even pure enough to see the immortal Lord Hanuman. Last time in recorded history, there is a mention of Lord Hanuman meeting Bheema during Mahabharata period. But Mathangs are pure till date. Even if little impurity surfaces in their new generation, Lord Hanuman comes every 41 years to purify them completely with His Brahma Jyan.

—> What all Lord Hanuman did when He came this time?
Even the birds and monkeys who live with Mathangs are purer souls than us human beings of mainstream society. Mathangs can talk to the birds and monkeys in their language. When Lord Hanuman comes to them every 41 years, all birds, monkeys and Mathangs worship Him in their own way and interact with Him. They talk to Him the way we talk to each other. The entire rituals and processions which are carried out by Mathangs in presence of Lord Hanuman are recorded by the head of the tribe in a “Log Book”.

27th May 2014 was last day of Lord Hanuman’s visit to Mathangs. After that we have been interacting with the head Mathang to figure out what conversations took place between them (Monkeys, Birds and Mathangs) and Him (Lord Hanuman). We have been trying to translate their log book in our language. Finally we are able to decipher it and we are now posting the entire log book chapter by chapter in Hindi and English here.

If you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman, He knows you. Hence do not get surprised if in any chapter you find a conversation where some incident of your life is mentioned.

Note. Mathangs and their companion animals have their own understanding of the world. For example, we human beings of mainstream society identify each other with face and names. Similarly they have their own mechanism to identify each other. For the sake of simplicity, we have given them our own names and terms in these translations. So, we have not only translated their words but also their understanding of the words..
Setu Asia #AIUFO is the only spiritual organization in the world which is fully commited to connecting the mortal beings with the immortal Lord Hanuman. We are based in Colombo because Mathangs of Sri Lanka can lead us to the way which goes to Lord Hanuman. The Day Lord Hanuman appears before scientists of the world, that day science will acquire new dimensions. That day Setu’s dream will be fulfilled. “Setu” is derived from Sanskrit which means “bridge”. We are building the bridge of communication between human beings and Lord Hanuman.

Veddas (Sinhala: වැද්දා [ˈvædːaː], Tamil: வேடுவர் Vēṭuvar) are an indigenous people of Sri Lanka. They, amongst other self-identified native communities such as Coast Veddas and Anuradhapura Veddas, are accorded indigenous status.

According to the genesis chronicle of the Sinhala people, the Mahavamsa (“Great Chronicle“), written in the 5th century CE, thePulindas believed to refer to Veddas are descended from Prince Vijaya (6th–5th century BCE), the founding father of the Sinhalese nation, through Kuveni, a woman of the indigenous Yakkha he married. The Mahavansa relates that following the repudiation of Kuveni by Vijaya, in favour of a Kshatriya-caste princess from Pandya, their two children, a boy and a girl, departed to the region ofSumanakuta (Adam’s Peak in the Ratnapura District), where they multiplied, giving rise to the Veddas. Anthropologists such as the Seligmanns (The Veddhas 1911) believed the Veddas to be identical with the Yakkha.(wiki)






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