13500 Million Defense Fund Missing Death Squad Rajapakshe Raided

Some time back I posted an article quoting a Lankan News Paper that former President of Lanka, Rajapaksha visited Tirupati,in india, not to worship, but to sell illegally obtained God(350Kg)

There is news that his residence was raided by the authorities.


Some time back I posted an article quoting a Lankan News Paper that former President of Lanka, Rajapaksha visited Tirupati,in india, not to worship, but to sell illegally obtained God(350Kg)

There is news that his residence was raided by the authorities.

Rajapaksha, Former President,Sri Lanka.
Rajapaksha, Former President,Sri Lanka.

Embattled former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s country home in the southern province has been raided by police who were looking for a luxury sports car but the search drew a blank.

“They raided our house in Tangalle yesterday looking for a Lamborghini car,” said Namal Rajapaksa, the former president’s elder son and a parliamentarian.

Police spokesman Ajith Rohana said the search was done on a court warrant but it drew a blank.

“They have been harassing us by searching not only our own houses but those of our friends. We can’t visit homes of our associates because they get their places searched,” Namal said.

He said the police complaint was based on false information that they were hiding a sea plane and tyres of racing cars.

“All they found was a pedal boat used by pre-school children,” Namal said.

The search of Rajapaksa’s country home comes days after police launched a probe into allegations that his younger brother Gotabhaya ran “death squads” and ordered the murder of a high-profile newspaper editor.

Basil Rajapaksa, the other brother of Rajapaksa and the former economic development minister, has also been accused of being involved in a number of shady deals.

Since Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat to Maithripala Sirisena in the January 8 election, the state media have been showing visuals of the Rajapaksa family’s extravagant life styles.

The visuals of air-conditioned toilets with digital video screens fixed at the official Temple Trees residence have been aired on state television.

During the run up to the polls, the then opposition accused Rajapaksa’s sons of owning helicopters, expensive horses from royal stables in the UK and expensive racing cars.

Information on alleged properties of the Rajapaksa family is being regularly given to police since the advent of Sirisena-led new government….( The Hindu dated 20 January 2015)..

But reports from Lanka indicate that Rjapaksha was involved in misappropriating Rs.13,500 Million of Lanka Defense Ministry Fund.

This is in addition to 350 kgs of Gold procured illegally.

“As huge as Rs.1500 million in cash !! had been discovered by accident at Temple trees after Medamulana crook Mahinda Rajapakse (better known now as the modern ‘Alibaba’ ) who ruled the country brutally for 9 years fled Temple Trees on the 9 th morning ,when all his unlawful hasty and frantic attempts to be in power via military conspiracies and treason against the country (to be in power by hook or by crook –borrowing his own words) flopped. In the confusion and desperation when he ran away from Temple Trees on the 9th these monies have been left behind by him.

All these hard cash in valid local and foreign currency were found inside a room under lock and key. A Temple Trees source told Lanka e news ,if this colossal sum of money were left behind when fleeing away in panic , what amount of money would have been taken along by this Medamulana modern Alibaba? It is learnt that the Treasury had been informed of these monies .

At the same time it has come to light the amount of money taken out of the state defense funds and wasted by the Rajapakses at their whims and fancies is also as large as Rs. 135,00 million!! In the defense fund Taprobane branch account which had Rs. 210,00 million , presently there is only Rs. 7500 million . The balance Rs. 13500 million taken by Mahinda Rajapakse as the minister of finance and defense has at his will and pleasure spent them without any records or documents!

According to Ministry of finance informed sources , based on these monumental frauds and misappropriation of state funds in billions and billions of rupees committed by Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse , even if the most powerful of powerful omni -potentates intervene Mahinda Rajapakse going to jail cannot be averted.

In other words ,even if Mahinda relies on his most powerful den of countless Alibaba thieves he nursed and nurtured so carefully covering all their crookedness and corruption in order to suppress his own mischief , murders and crookedness during his 9 year despotic reign ,he cannot be rescued.”


Running Death Squad -Gotabhaya Rajapakshe.

Sri Lankan authorities are investigating a claim that the toppled president’s younger brother ran a “death squad” and ordered a high-profile newspaper editor’s assassination, a police spokesman said.

Former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa ordered the hit on Lasantha Wickrematunga in January 2009, ex-public relations minister Mervyn Silva alleged in a formal complaint lodged with police on Saturday, the spokesman said.

Wickrematunga was fatally shot in 2009, just days before he was due to testify in a defamation case Rajapaksa had filed against his paper, which had been highly critical of the then-ruling family.

“We have received a complaint that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was responsible for abductions, assaults and murder,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana told AFP news agency on Sunday.

“Three murders have been mentioned and one is that of Lasantha Wickrematunga. He (Rajapaksa) is accused of running a death squad.” Rohanna added.

Rajapaksa could not be contacted for comment.

Wickrematunga and his Sunday Leader newspaper were vocal critics of Rajapaksa’s administration, and had accused Gotabhaya of corruption over the purchase of second-hand aircraft and arms for the military…





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