Rama Evacuates Ayodhya By Pushpaka Vimana

As I understand from the Ramayana, Lord Rama completed his last Journey on the earth , after the demise of Lakshmana, by entering the Sarayu River.

I have come across information that Rama evacuated Ayodhya from the banks of by a Pushpaka Vimana flying North.

Rama proceeded first with his Royal entourage and the people of Ayodhya followed suit.

This process took three days.

Rama and Sita in Pushpaka Vimana.jpg
Rama and Sita in Pushpaka Vimana.

His last thoughts before boarding the craft was that of Hanuman whom he had not seen the whole day!

He advised his son Lava to rule the kingdom from Shrawasti (Sahet-Mahet ) as capital and till the period of Buddha, this place continued to be the capital of Kaushal estate. Subsequently, in the Maurya period as well this Kaushal estate (province of Magadh empire) was the capital.


The city of Kushawati, which is in  the Vindhya region, was established for the rule of the  other son Kush and thereafter till date it is famous as  Mahakaushal…

“It has also been mentioned in the Ramayana that after Lord Sri Rama, Ayodhya would again be  inhabited during the times of Rishabh.

He was the first Tirthkar of Jains and is also known as Adinath.



How the Rama Empire Disappeared.



“It is so believed amongst the Hindus that the credit for inhabitance of Ayodhya for third time, goes to Vikramaditya, king of  Ujjain.

It appears from paper no. 107C-1/10, 107C-1/28,

107C-1/35, 107C-1/55 filed in this suit that he had built 360 temples in Ayodhya.




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