Not Born In Ayodhya Rama Invaded Babylon Ravana Is Hammurabi ?

The study of the Indus seals from Harappa makes interesting observations.

A research  a paper on Vedic Seals by N. S. Rajaram, presented at a recent conference of leading historians on Vedic history, states that , quoting M.V.Krishna Rao, an Archeologist that Rama was not born in Ayodhya but in Haryana, India.

Babylonian King Hammurabi.jpg

Rama invaded Babylon and defeated the great Babylonian King, Hammurabi.

‘ Rama was born not in Ayodhya, but in the present state of Haryana. He further claims that according to his study of the seals, Rama invaded Babylon and defeated and killed the famous Babylonian ruler Hammurabi whom he equates with Ravana! This account, if true, would call for a radical revision of both Indian and Babylonian history. Hammurabi is a well-known historical figure. He is known to have died in 1750 BC of natural causes and not killed in battle. His date therefore is too late to have found mention in the Harappan seals.’

Lord Rama.jpg
Lord Rama In Sumeria

Ranajitpal states, from different sources that,

“If Ram-Sin is identified as Rama his greatest Amorite enemy Hammurabi must be Ravana or Ravi-anna. This presents some difficulties although Valmiki’s version of the the abduction of Sita probably has more to do with poetic imagination than history. However, that she was the chief priestess of the moon-temple at Ur may have been at the root of some events of the politically turbulent era. There is a possibility that at some stage Ur was captured by Hammurabi. The chief-priestess of Ur was inviolable under Sumerian law and the fact that Ravana did not dishonour Sita may show his regard for law. The Battle between Khammu-ravi and Ram-Sin who led a group of Ten-Kings was one of the most famous events of Sumerian history. Whether the name Sin-Mubalit of Hammu-rabi’s father links him with Mahabali, a name of Bali, is uncertain but this may even be true. The Ramayana describes Ravana’s clashes with Bali which are clearly poetic in nature. Even here the fact that Bali carries Ravana in his lap may reveal his true relationship. Much has been written about Khammuravi that is undoubtedly true but in a sense Ram-Sin’s contribution has been underplayed. The great Assyriologist C. J. Gadd, however, termed Ram-Sin’s reign as the golden age of Sumer.’

The fact that Rama’s and Bharata’s Names are found in the Sumerian Kings List adds to the Mystery.

Hanuman In Sumeria.

As the cuneiform symbol for ‘ilu’ can also be read as ‘an’, the name Ilu-ma-ilu who was an adversary of the Hammurabi dynasty can also be read as Hanuman. Jona Oates also writes the name as Iliman which supports this. Hanuman leader of the Vanaras, is called Maruti which may link him to the Martus or Maruts of the Sumerian texts. The Martus were the Amorites of modern writers. The best known Amorite was Hammurabi who must have been a distant kin of Iliman or Hanuman. The original character of the Maruts, the chief among the Vedic Indra’s personal attendants is vague and shadowy in early Vedic literature. The Maruts were associated with the vedic god Rudra and were said to be the messengers of death, their name being derived from the root √mar, to die. The Maruts were said to be storm-gods. “


Archeology Online

Rama King of Sumeria


4 thoughts on “Not Born In Ayodhya Rama Invaded Babylon Ravana Is Hammurabi ?

  1. Hindu Units of time does not deal with itty bitty time lines. They are vast. I was listening to Joe Rogan podcast and they was discussing about some new evidences that were roumored to have come up regarding pyramid being millions of years old. Obviously they were quick to put that under the rug since it will destroy the modern historical time line they have created, the itty bitty one. 300 million year screw that they found recently in Russia is a conundrum, they will discredit that one too and say that was an error or something. Of course that will fit right into Hindu Units of Time. Hammurabi my backfoot. What is said in Valmiki Ramayan is correct. Bali was Ballerophon. Bali rode the flying horse Uchaishravas like Ballerophon rode Pegasus. Mahabalipuram is older than Dwaraka. Ballerophon’s grandson’s participated in war for Helen of Troy. Bali’s son participated in war for Usha of Tezpur. During Tamil Nadu Tsumani the sunken parts of the old structures were revealed. Of course they will tie that to the undies of some recent kings too.


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