Australia Home Of Weapons Ramayana?

It is well-known among those who study Indian scriptures and archeology that the Western Indologists would do everything in their power to ensure that anything that proves or remotely connected to the antiquity of Vedas, Sanatana Dharma, is portrayed as something entirely different.

If the evidence is overwhelming then, they would try to assign a ridiculously later date .

Attempts will be made to suppress the original study.

Gympie Pyramid artefacts.jpg
Gympie Pyramid artefacts resembles Indian Gods.

Thanks to internet,one is now able to get the suppressed ,authentic information.

These so-called archeologists and scientists would go even to the extent of saying that they ‘ do not want to study the material as it would reveal the impossible”(Dr.Pragnell,University of Queensland)

He is referring to Gympie Pyramid,Australia.

Why this aversion to know the truth?

Because the referred site  and Australia is mentioned in the hindu texts, Ramayana.

Not only the Gympie Pyramid but the coastline off  Brisbane,Australia.


यत्नवन्तो यव द्वीपम् सप्त राज्य उपशोभितम् |
सुवर्ण रूप्यकम् द्वीपम् सुवर्ण आकर मण्डितम् || 4-40-30


“You strive hard in the island of Yava, which will be splendorous with seven kingdoms, like that even in Golden and Silver islands that are enwreathed with gold-mines, in and around Yava islands. [4-40-30]


( Sugriva’s directions to his army to search for Sita)

I have posted an article that sugriva referred the Nazca Lines in Peru and asked his army to search for Sita in Peru


Yava refers to Java and landmass beyond that after the ocean in Australia.


This structure is believed to have been built by Viswakarama, the Divine architect..


Astra in Sanskrit means weapons, arrows, Aalaya means home,


Australia  might mean home of weapons.


Atomic weapons were used in Mahabharata battle.


Read my articles on this.


About 5 km to the north of the township of Gympie in south east Queensland is a structure (or series of structures) which has become known as the ‘Gympie Pyramid’.
There have been many differing claims as to its origins and function. Some of these claims have been quite controversial and gained considerable media attention beginning in 1956 through to the present. In preparing this paper I investigated the various claims and the local folk-lore which surrounds the ‘pyramid’ and attempted to place these in a context which is supported by empirical or historical fact. Documentation was scarce which has meant that the results of my investigation tend to highlight what the structure is not rather than what it is. I hope to remedy this situation by completing a more detailed survey of the site in early 1990…


Remains in Gympie Pyramid.jpg
Remains in Gympie Pyramid.

1. That the structure was created at some point in time after European settlement of the area and had some kind of agricultural function (Morwood 1976).
2. That the structure was created at some time prior to European settlement and was of Aboriginal construction.
3. That it was pre-European and of non-Aboriginal construction.
The main challenge from the first possibility, that it is of European origins, is to ascertain who constructed it and for what purpose. The notion that it was constructed for some kind of agricultural venture (such as the growing of grapes, table or wine by Italian migrants was suggested by a local rumour and referred to by Morwood in his paper) appears reasonable at first glance.
* There is theory doing rounds that the Gympie Pyramid is a hoax


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