Nehru Edwina Honeymoon During Noakhali, Refuses UN Seat

As the propaganda blitz is on the History of India is being scrutinized, apologists for the West and the Nehru family are on the over drive attacking the attempt to restore Indian History, which hitherto been dubbed as mythology deliberately by the west, I am posting some authentic information on the devious attempts of the Wt and on the myth of Nehru family as paragons of virtue and dedicated patriots of India. though my post is essentially share Indian thoughts on Philosophy,Religion,Science and Unique Hindu Temples.

While it is important to debunk the false ancient  history of Indian foisted upon Indians by the west, I feel it is equally important that one exposes the devious misinformation about India’s past by Indians themselves who were Nehruvities.

Mountbatten,Nehru and Edwina.jpg
Mountbatten,Nehru and Edwina.


One of the great  Myths about Nehru is that he was sensitive to human sufferings, India’s welfare was  close to his heart.

So much so, his Birthday is being celebrated as Children’s’ Day in India.

More to follow on the Mysterious death of Shyam Prasad Mukherjee, Nethaji Subhas Chandra Bose and how the latter was fingered by Nehru to the British.

also about Nehru offspring in Bangalore Convent.

Nehru refused permanent Seat in the UN.

But the new UN was non-democratic, giving permanent membership with veto power in the Security Council to the US, Britain, France, the USSR, and Republic of China (represented then by Chiang Kai-shek regime) — the allies victors in the war.

The negotiations leading to the UN Charter were replete with unsavoury incidents of arm-twisting and coercive diplomacy, including spying on delegations participating at the conferences during this period. The allies soon fell out, and the Cold War period saw the US and USSR exploit their veto power to the hilt, vetoing membership of states and in other disputes involving peace and security.

Ironically, around 1955, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was offered the disputed Chinese Permanent Security Council seat by the US to keep out the People’s Republic of China, and he also was sounded out by the USSR Prime Minister, Nikolai Bulganin, to allow China to take this seat while giving India a sixth permanent seat in the Security Council. Nehru rejected this offer in deference to China. History may have been different if this offer had been subjected to serious negotiations. Now, 54 years later, we are struggling for this seat.”

Nehru Edwina Mountain Honeymoon in Shimla at  the time of Noakali Massacre.

“The Great calcutta Killings 1946 , Noakhali & Trippeli masscare– those days Nehru was spending his honeymoon with Edwina in shimla.     “




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