Gondswana Proves How Sanatana Dharma Spread

I posted an article on how the Varaha, the Boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu, fits the first Mammals of the Triassic period .

I also postulated that taking into account,

1.Places/ events mentioned in the Ithihasa, Ramayana and Mahabharata check out with archeological finds,

2.The three great Floods mentioned in the Sanskrit and Tamil literature.

3.There are references to Lord Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu having migrated from the South to North to found Ikshvaku Dynasty in Ayodhya,

4.That Shiva and Ganesa left for the Arctic through the Middle east,Europe, Africa, Americas .

5.A Group from the Shiva and Ganesa lineage moved in from the Arctic through Russia and Khyber into India and eventually resettled in the Saraswati Valley.

6.Tamil Literature speaks of events even before Lord Rama and mention these events along with the Tamil Kings in the sunken lands off  Kanyakumari, extending upto what is now Australia.

7.The remains of Sanatana Culture are found everywhere around the world.

I checked up geology and the Formation of Continents.

Indian Puranas mention seven Islands ans d seven oceans.

Jambuu Dweepa; Plaksha Dweepa; Saalmalii Dweepa; Kusa Dweepa; Krouncha Dweepa; Saaka Dweepa and Pushkara Dweepa.

There are three views on the Lost continents.

There was Atlantis, described by Plato,


Another is that there was a super continent linking Africa and Australia,Lemuria


“About 1875 the scientists Haeckel and Blanford suggested that the distribution of lemurs and their relatives could best be explained by a former land bridge connecting Africa, Madagascar, and the East Indies. P. L. Sclater proposed the name Lemuria for this land, and the word came into general use among geologists. But more recent investigations show that the vanished continent of Lemuria is not necessary to explain the distribution of lemurs, and in fact fails to do so. Lemuria was conceived to be part of a much larger continent, Gondwanaland, which was supposed to have reached three-quarters of the way around the Southern Hemisphere, with a gap in the Pacific. Scientifically, these continents have little to do with Atlantism, and even Gondwanaland is considered speculative, although it is still widely accepted.


Gondwana Super Continent which contained Lemuria .


At the end of the Jurassic Age Gondwanaland began to break up and, during the Tertiary Age approximately 20 million years ago, Antarctica completely broke away from South America. Due to its isolation, an ocean current formed around the continent, fed by conductive motions caused by water masses of different temperatures, favored by cyclonic type atmospheric circulation , and influenced by the Earth’s rotation.

The breaking up of Gondwanaland, the dispersion of the various continental blocks, the drifting of the Antarctic continent towards polar latitudes and its isolation, are all relatively recent events by the scale of geological time.

The geographical situation of Antarctica, in an isolated polar position and covered with ice, is the consequence of a long and complex geological evolution, which is still taking place and which, at least in part, should be understood and reconstructed. Up until the Jurassic Age 140 million years ago, Antarctica formed part of the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, In the Jurassic Age 140 million years ago, Antarctica formed part of the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, which also included Africa, Arabia, India, Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand and South America, and occupied temperate latitudes.

Gondswana Continent.jpg

The descriptions found  in the Puraná about the descriptions of the Land Masses, check out.

This could explain why the Sanatana Dharma remains are found everywhere.

It was not difficult for Sanatana Dharma to spread.

By looking at the position of India in the map, one can understand how the Tsunami devoured India and how Sanatana Dharma was right in describing geographical details .





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