Buddha’s Ashes In Andhra Bavikonda

History , I no longer use the term legend for Indian references, as the information provided by them have proved to be authentic, of India never ceases to amaze me.



Buddha's remains in Bhavikonda
Buddha’s remains in Bhavikonda Buddhist Monastery Complex in Andhra Pradesh, Archeology,



Buddha who was born in North India has his ashes in an Urn in Bavikonda , 15 km from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

“The location of one of the known Buddhist complex is named as Bavikonda that is situated 130 metres above the mean sea level on the top of a hill at a distance of 16 km from the city of Visakhapatnam. The literal meaning of word Bavikonda that is a Telugu word is ‘hill of wells’. The name ‘hill of wells’ is given because Bavikonda is surrounded by wells that are majorly used for collecting rain water. The monastery of Bavikonda belongs to the period of 3rd century BC.

This site also has a huge complex of Buddhist that has been exhumed and the remains of these can be still seen there and the list of remains includes:-

  1. There is a pot that contains a bone that is believed to be the remnant of Buddha.
  2. There are many inscribed words all around the place.
  3. Remains of various old potteries can also be located here.
  4. Historical caskets are also part of this complex.
  5. Wall tiles.
  6. Fewer bricks.
  7. Older coins and many more other remains.”

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