Rama With Inscribed Arrow Thillaivilagam

Lord Rama with an arrow containing the inscription .Rama Saram’ is one of its kind.

The arrow containing this seems to indicate His approach to Life.

‘One word,One Arrow, One wife’

Lord Rama is known for his adherence to His promises, despite them proving uncomfortable to Him,like killing of Vaali,accepting Vibheeshana,asking Sita to undergo the ordeal by Fire.

He was an archer par excellence, whose arrows never missed their marks.

Kothandarama,Thillaivilagam. Click to enlarge.

I is interesting to note that Rama used His special arrow, Rama Baana only thrice.

One to hit Kakasura, who was troubling Sita,another to kill Vaali and yet another to kill Ravana.

The temple at Thillaivilakam, near Thiruthuraipoondi, Tamil Nadu has a Rama Idol of at least 1000 years old,has an arrow in Hand that has the words ‘Rama Saram’, Rama’s Arrow.

How to reach.

How To reach Thillaivilagam .Map.jpg
How To reach Thillaivilagam .Map

Thillai Vilagam is off the Tiruvarur / Thiruthuraipoondi Muthupet highway 19kms West of Thiruthuraipoondi and 6kms East of Muthupet.

Buses ply every 15minutes from Thiruthuraipoondi to Muthupet.

One should get down at Gopala Samudram (17kms from Thiruthuraipoondi and 7kms before Muthupet). From here, mini bus will take one to the temple (2kms).

From Tiruvarur, cab to the temple and back will cost Rs. 1000-1250.

One can also reach the temple from Pattukottai(35kms) or Vedaranyam (40kms)


Temple Timings.

830am-1230pm and 5pm-815pm.

Contact.C. Kothandarama Bhattar @ 80568 56894 or 04369 245725


Moolavar : Veera Kothandarama East Facing Standing Posture along with Sita, Lakshmana and Dasa Anjaneya.

The 5feet Moolavar Rama is seen in a majestic posture sporting a handsome smile. To his right is Sita seen in a Kalyana Kolam.

Kothandarama is seen providing a ‘Tribangi’ Seva here at this temple. The neck has one kind of a curve, the hip a different curve and the leg in a bent posture.

The Moolavar idol of Kothandarama is believed to be at least a 1000years old. Rama is holding the bow in his left hand. On a close look at his hands, one is able to see the nerves, the ring and his sharp nails. One is also able to see the sharp distinctive fingers on each hand just like a human hand.

5different Rama temples

The majestic posture of Veera Kothandarama at Thillai Vilagam is similar in facial posture to the ones at Mudikondan (Baalya Rama), Sri Vanjiyam (Hathambavur Rama), Madurantakam ( Eri Kaatha Rama) and Punnai Nallur (Saligrama Rama)

Anjaneya is seen next to Sita (who is seen in a Kalyana Kolam) in a Dasa Posture with his right hand close to his mouth in a posture of whispering something to Lord Rama. The story goes that Anjaneya was reminding Lord Rama of the promise to Baratha to return to Ayodhya at the stipulated time. Hearing this, Sita asked Anjaneya to carry curd rice to Bharatha with the message that they were on their way. On finding Baratha in a state of disbelief, Anjaneya lifted him on his shoulder and carried him to this region. It is at Mudi -Kandan (now Mudikondan) that Baratha found Rama’s hair and instantly recognised that his Lord was genuinely on his way back. It was at Mudikondan that Rama hugged his brother Bharatha in a happy gesture of meeting him again after many years.

Belief is that presenting curd rice to Anjaneya at this temple would liberate the devotee from problem associated with marriage and navagriha dosham. The curd rice is packed on Anjaneya’s body and is not distributed to the devotees.


Aadi Amavasai and Thai Amavasai days are sacred at this temple. Couples who bathe in the tank west of the temple on either of these two days are believed to be blessed with children.

11day Rama Navami utsavam in Panguni- with Vahana procession on each of the days

On the 4th day is the Garuda Sevai.

On the 10th day of the utsavam, Rama Pattabhibhisekam is performed with the Lord seen with a special crown.

On the 11th day is the Vidayatri festival where Rama goes on a procession on ‘Deer Vahana’ the only one of its kind.




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