Saraswati Is Benzaiten Japanese God Of Eloquence

Yet another evidence that Sanatana Dharma existed throughout the world , later carried to various parts,modified to suit the local customs.

That those customs were also similar to those followed by Sanatana Dharma.

Goddess Saraswati.jpg
Saraswati,Goddess of Learning in Hinduism


Benzaiten (, ) is the Japanese name of the goddess Saraswati; there was an important river in ancient India of this name (see Vedic Saraswati River). Worship of Benzaiten arrived in Japan during the 6th through 8th centuries, mainly via the Chinese translations of theSutra of Golden Light“, which has a section devoted to her. She is also mentioned in the Lotus Sutra.

Her Sanskrit name isSarasvatî Devî“, which meansflowing water“, and so Benzaiten is the goddess of everything that flows: water, words (and knowledge, by extension), speech, eloquence, and music. The characters used initially to write her name, readBiancaitianin Chinese andBensaitenin Japanese (辯才天), reflected her role as the goddess of eloquence. Because the Sutra of Golden Light promised protection of the state, in Japan she became a protectordeity, at first of the state and then of people. Lastly, she became one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, and the SinoJapanese characters used to write her name changed to 弁財天 (Benzaiten), which reflects her role in bestowing monetary fortune. Sometimes she is called Benten, although this name refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

Statue of Benzaiten with a torii on her head.jpg
Hogonji in Nagahama, Shiga prefecture, Japan. Statue of Benzaiten with a torii on her head

In the RigVeda (6.61.7) Sarasvati is credited with killing the threeheaded Vritra, also known as Ahi (“snake“). This is probably one of the sources of Sarasvati/Benzaitens close association with snakes and dragons in Japan. She is enshrined on the Island of Enoshima in Sagami Bay, about 50 kilometers south of Tokyo, and numerous other locations throughout Japan; and she and a fiveheaded dragon are the central figures of the Enoshima Engi, a history of the shrines on Enoshima written by the Japanese Buddhist monk Kokei (皇慶) in AD 1047. According to Kokei, Benzaiten is the third daughter of the dragonking of Munetsuchi (無熱池; literallylake without heat“), known in Sanskrit as Anavatapta, the lake lying at the center of the world according to an ancient Buddhistcosmological view.




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