Brahmins Organized Indian Marriage System Tholkappiyar

I have often wondered who organized the Marriage System (Monogamy) in India.


Though marriage is considered to be sacred in Hinduism and has elaborate Rituals to solemnize and conduct marriages, I have not been able to find any definite information on who organized this system of marriage.


Marriage ceremony.jpeg.
Hindu Marriage ceremony.


I could not find the origin of marriage details from the Puranas, Vedas or Ithihasas.


All these texts glorify and explain the rituals connected with Marriage.


The first written record  on who organized marriage as a System is found in the ancient Tamil Grammar Book, Tholkappiyam, written by Tholkappiar (between 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century CE), a disciple of Sage Agasthya.


He states that the society was being ruined by indiscriminate copulation ,involving Lies, frauds.


Hence  Brahmins organized the system of marriage.


“மேலோர் மூவர்க்கும் புணர்த்த கரணம்
கீழோர்க்காகிய காலமும் உண்டே (1090)
பொய்யும் வழுவும் தோன்றிய பின்னர்
ஐயர் யாத்தனர் கரணம் என்ப (1091) Tholkappiyam.


Here there is a rider.


Marriage as a system which was in existence for the three Varnas(மேலோர் மூவர்க்கும்) is now being set for the Fourth Varna by the Brahmins.


Meaning of the text.


Marriage as a System, which was in existence for three varnas, is now set for the fourth varna by Brahmins


Information to enrich the article welcome.


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