No Abusive Word in Sanskrit?

Hinduism states that Sanskrit is Deva Bhasha,Language of the Gods and Sanskrit is considered to be the most compatible for computer Language.


I have posted some articles on Sanskrit.


Sanskrit Numerals flipped over 786
786 Sanskrit Numerals


I have come across information that cultured,pure Sanskrit does not contain an abusive word.


Nor does it have a word for Lock.


I have read, quoting Kanchi Periyavar that Sanskrit does not have a word for ‘Mouth’ nor Tamil for’ Face’


Corrections welcome.


“We fall short of words while describing the well-culturedness of Divine Sanskrut language! In spite of having thousands of words, this language has not included a single word with the meaning of ‘kulup‘ (lock). What could be the reason behind this? In order to enable Koutsa to pay his Gurudakshina (offering to Guru), Kuber (God of wealth) had showered gold coins all over the state of Raghuraja. However, not even a single gold coin was picked up by any of the citizens! There was no case of robbery in the state and therefore there was no tradition of putting a ‘lock’. There is no inclusion of abusive words in the Sanskrut language. There is only one word ‘Mudh‘ (mad), which can be remotely considered as a bad word! The well-culturedness of the language gets absorbed in the citizens who use it; therefore one wishes to say that, ‘Learn Sanskrut and be well-cultured (susanskrut)!’..


Not even a single inclusion of
abusiveword in well-cultured Sanskrut language !



3 thoughts on “No Abusive Word in Sanskrit?

  1. This is the reason why people call Sanskrit as artificial. Lets not spoil our natural language. Sanskrit has many stingy words, with derogatory usages, as in any spoken language. IT is our natural language. Take any Puranas or epics and you can spot them easily.


  2. There are 2 occasions in Mahabharata where abusive usage is seen – Sisupala uses abusive words on SriKrishna and Kauravas uses abusive words on Pandavas during Draupathi vasthrapaharana.


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