Sanatana Dharma Means

Hinduism is a name given to the culture of India by the West and the Islam Invaders.


The term that describes and used by the Ithihasas, Ramayana and Mahabharata` the followers of,


a certain way of Life as a matter of routine,


that such ways and procedures are followed by practice and transmitted by word of mouth.


This covers a wide range of the populace.


It includes those who believe in God, Atheists,Monists, Dualist,Non Dualist,Monotheist,Henotheist,Polytheist,Nihilist.


Then what exactly the term Sanatana Dharma denote?


The words Sanatana and Dharma have profound meaning in Sanskrit.


“The two words, “Sanatana Dharma”, come from the ancient Sanskrit language. “Sanatana” is a Sanskrit word that denotes that which is Anadi (beginningless),

Anantha (endless) and does not cease to be, that which is eternal and everlasting. With its rich connotations,

Dharma is not translatable to any other language. Dharma is from dhri, meaning to hold together, to sustain. Its approximate meaning is “Natural Law,” or those principles of reality which are inherent in the very nature and design of the universe.”


Sanatana indicates that which  does not have a beginning and ending.


That is it has no origin in the sense that there is no founder.


If what is stated has been begotten only by Reason, it can not be beginning-less, for it should have had a founder.


As the Truth enumerated in Hinduism has been grasped intuitively  by many it does not have a founder nor can one ascribe a Time frame.


You do not clock an emotion or a spiritual thought.


Truth is not revealed in stages, it is by a flash.


Dharma is a difficult term to define even for Lord Krishna , as He admits in the Bhagavad Gita.


It changes from age to age, aeons to aeons, from individual to individual.


But one thing remains firm.


That it supports one who follows it.


Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatah’


Dharma protects one who protects Dharma.


Dharma is self-sustaining.


The practice of it supports not only the one who follows it but sustains the Universe and beings both Living and Non Living.


Krishna says in the Geetha  both  Devas and man mutually help each other by performing their respective duties, Man by performing Yagnyas, Devas by ensuring Timely Rains, Sun Light and other phenomena,


The concept of Reality is an abstract in Hinduism.


It is a principle like the law of Gravity, it rolls on.


Name and forms are only modes to concentrate the Mind.


Yet there are some eternal values.


Satyanna Pramadhidavyam, speak nothing but the Truth,


Dharmanna Pramadhidavyam, perform nothing but what is sanctioned by Dharma.


Kuchalaana Pramadhidavya, do nothing but for the welfare of others.


Matru Devo Bhava, Mother is God,


Pitru Devo Bhava,Father is God,


Acharya Devo Bahava, teacher, preceptor is God,


Adhiti devo Bhava, Guest is God,


Satyam Bruyaath, speak The Truth,


Hitam Bruyaath, while speaking truth make sue that is spoken in a way that does not hurt others,


Sarve janas Sukino Bhavanthu, may All be Happy,


Samastha Sanmangalani Bhavanthu, May what is auspicious befall on All,


Thachamyora vruneemahe, Gyathum Yagyaaya, Gyathum Yagyapathayae,


daivi swasti rasthunaha,


Urthvam jigathu Beshajam,


Sano asthu dwipade, Sanchathuspathe.


Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi.


May the two-legged be Happy,


May the four-legged be happy,


May the trees get adequate water.


This is Sanatana Dharma.


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