Lizards Cure Disease Dosha Kanchi Varadharaja Temple

Doshas,or Impurities are believed to affect the Individual.


These impurities are of mental in Nature though some times they may affect physically.


Accumulated impurities alter one’s perspective and bring harm.


There is a belief that by touching the Golden and Silver Lizard in Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu, Varadharja Perumal Temple, shall cure this Dosha.


These Lizards are at the Varadharajaperumal  Sanctum and one is to touch them and pray the Lord to be cured of the Doshas .


These Lizards have Sun and Moon placed near them, the significance is not known.


Lizrads , Kanchipuram Temple.jpg
Gold, Silver Lizard, Kanchipuram.


This is also believed to cure diseases.



The Legend.


Two disciples of Gauthama Rishi used to fill water every day for their Guru. One day, to their shock, they found a lizard jumping out when they placed the tumbler in front of their Guru. An angry Rishi cursed the two for their carelessness and they instantly turned into Lizards.

The 2 disciples stayed here at Kanchipuram as lizards until Indra came, as Elephant Gajendra, to worship Varadarajan Perumal along with

  1. Sun(Golden Color) and
  2. Moon(Silver Color)

relieved them from their curse. In memory of this, there is a golden lizard and a silver lizard outside the Varadarajan Sannidhi. Belief is that one will be relieved of all diseases if one prays to Lord Varadarajan and touches the Lizard on the way out.


2 thoughts on “Lizards Cure Disease Dosha Kanchi Varadharaja Temple

  1. Grateful, kind Sir, for more information of significance of the lizard in Hinduism. At the
    Tanjore Big Temple, on the roof to the entrance of the Lord Muruga Sannidhi, there is
    also a lizard carved into the stone. Thank you very very much Sir.


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