Shiva Divine Acts 64 Thiruvilayadal List

As I indicated in my earlier posts, the essential difference between an Avatar of Shiva and Vishnu lies in the fact ,in the case of Shiva, He does not stay in a Womb, called Ayonijaha (though this epithet  is used for Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranama, I do not recall any instance where Vishnu seems to have appeared  from nowhere and disappeared), in the case of Vishnu He is born as Humans in a womb, undergoes the trials and tribulations of  a Human Being.

Play of Shiva, Murals in Madutai Meenakshi Temple.jpg
64 Thiruvilayadal,Sacred Play of Shiva, Murals in Madutai Meenakshi Temple.

Probably an Avatar is different from Leela, an Avatar is the coming down of God, Avatara means ‘coming down’,whereas Leela can be translated loosely as ‘play,playful’.

Lord Shiva’s Leelas where He had appeared, done His job and disappeared are mentioned in the Tamil Classics, more vividly in the Thiruvilayadal Purana by Paranjothi Munivar, 6th Century AD.

These Avatars, Leelas of Shiva are 64 in number.

These have taken place in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

These Avatars are called the Avatars of Somasundara,an amsa of Shiva, and the husband of Meenakshi, an avatar of Goddess Parvati.

Meenakshi Sunadareswarar is in the Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

Other than in the Tamil Classics, Shiva Purana and passing references to some of the instances narrated in the Thiruvilayadal Purana, in the other Puranas,I am unable to find references to these in the Sanskrit works.

One can not brush these aside as figment of Tamil Imagination either as cross references abound Tamil and they are generally trust worthy of facts and there are temple inscriptions which check out with other Historical facts.

The history of the Tamil Kings mentioned in these instances check out .

Considering the fact that the ancestor of Lord Rama migrated from Dravida, there seems to be something I am missing here.

Please refer my Post Rama’s ancestor from Dravida

I am searching.

Some of these instances seem to be prehistoric and may relate to Thenmadurai, where the First Tamil Sangam was held Thenmadurai was swallowed by a Tsunami.

Please read my posts on Tamil Sangam dates.

Readers may send in their inputs with source on this issue.

The 64 instances where Lord Shiva appeared are listed below.

You may read the instances at the link.


Thiruvilaiyadal puranam in English
Sports No. kANtam Sports of God (thiruviLaiyAdal)
0. ThiruvilaiyadalPuranam – Introduction
1. Maduraik kANtam The removal of the crime of indra
2. The removal of the curse on the white elephant
3. Discovery of the god to mortals; Building the town of madura; and reign of the first king
4. Incarnation of minatchi, the goddess of the temple
5. Marriage of minatchi with siva by the name of sundaresvara
6. God’s dance in the silver hall
7. The insatiable dwarf kundotharan
8. Ganga, at the command of the god, produced the river vaigai
9. The god brought the seven seas together into one place
10. Recalling malayadhwaja from the dead, and translation of kanjana-malai
11. The incarnation of subramanyan in the form of ukkira-pandian
12. The god sundaresvarar gets his son married and furnishes him with three weapons
13. Varunan is compelled to retire by the casting of the spear
14. Ukkira-pandian strikes off indran’s crown
15. Ukkira-pandian struck mount meru and thence obtained wealth
16. The god explained the inner meaning of the vedas
17. The god provided jewels for the crown
18. Varuna sending the sea to try the god’s power; The latter called four clouds to absorb the sea
19. kUdal kANtam Varuna sending much rain, the god protected the place by a covering of clouds
20. Sundaresar condescended to assume the form of a religious ascetic
21. The sittar gave sugarcane to the stone-elephant
22. The god killed the elephant which was born from the fire Of a sacrifice made by the chamanals (or jains)
23. The god on account of gauri, became an old man, a young man, and a child
24. Natarajar the dancing god altered his attitude, In the silver temple, at the request of the king
25. The god relieved an innocent person who feared the avenger of blood
26. The removing of the great crime
27. The god punished the guilty disciple, by killing him
28. The destroying of the striped serpent sent by the chamanals (jains)
29. The god’s nandi conquers the cow sent by the chamanals
30. The god came with a great army, on account Of savundra samuntan general of the pandian
31. The god gave an exhaustless purse to the pandian
32. The god came and sold bracelets to women of the merchant caste
33. The god taught the eight great meditations
34. The god opened north gate, and showed the Temple to the chera king, closing the gate afterwards With the bullock seal
35. The god preserved the pandian’s army by the Miraculous appearance of a booth for giving away water
36. The performance of alchemy by the god
37. On the chera king making war, both he and The pandian fell into the lotus tank, from which The pandian was rescued
38. The god gave a stock of paddy to a vellalan
39. The god, coming as the maternal uncle of a merchant, settled a dispute
40. The cure of varaguna pandian, and showing him the world of siva
41. The god sold wood, and overcame the minstrel, named yemanathen in song
42. The god gave to his votary, pattiren, A mandate, addressed to the chera king, requiring money
43. The god gave to the minstrel pattiren, a golden board to sit upon
44. The god, in the guise of a musician, Decided a contest in singing between two female performers, In the presence of the king
45. The god nourished certain motherless young pigs, And endowed them partially with the human form
46. The god made the twelve pigs ministers of state to the pandian king
47. The god gave instruction to the little black bird
48. The god gave paradise to the heron, And ordained that the lotus tank should produce no Living creature
49. thiruAlavAyk kANtam The god showed the boundaries of the town after the place had been destroyed by a flood
50. The god conquered the soren king, who came To make war against the pandian, which was done by arrows Having the name of sundaresvaren written on them
51. The god gave a bench to the college of poets; And mingling with them contributed to the improvement of The tamil language
52. The god gave to terami a purse of gold
53. The god rescued nakkiran from the tank
54. The god by means of agastyar taught narkiran purity of grammar
55. When the bench of learned brahmins were disagreed concerning the merits of different books, the god, by means of A dumb child, settled the difference
56. The pandian having treated idei-kaden with neglect, The god was pleased to remove and dwell at avada-mathurai
57. The god came with a net as a fisherrman, And removed the sentence denounced on parvati
58. The god gave instruction to a person belonging to vathavur
59. The god turned jackels into horses on behalf Of manickavasagar, who had been instructed Bythe gurumurthi
60. The god turned the horses into jackals, And being displeased at the subsequent treatment of Manickavasagan, made the river vaigai overflow
61. The god came to carry mud as a cooly, And the sacred body was struck with a cane
62. Sambantar, cured kun pandian of his fever
63. The impalement of the jains
64. The god called a vanni tree, a lingam, and a well, From tirupurambiyam to bear witness to a marriage

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