Indian Fishermen Illegal Entry into Sri Lanka Facts

Tamil Nadu Fishermen who had been arrested on charge of transgressing into Sri Lanka waters were later charged with Possession of Drugs and smuggling it.


They were sentenced to death by a Court in Sri Lanka.



There was a political storm in Taiml Nadu over this issue stating that these five persons were framed on both counts, that of entering Lankan Waters and smuggling drugs.


The Government of India under Narendra Modi negotiated with the Lankan Government and had the death sentence canceled


The issue of Tamil Nadu reportedly entering  and fishing in Lankan waters illegally has been a vexatious one.


Lankan Government states that fishermen from Tamil Nadu enter Lanka illegally on a regular basis for Fishing, while the Fishermen deny it and the Government of Tamil Nadu is with the Fishermen.


I have a few posts on this.


I have a few questions.


Either the Fishermen cross illegally into Lanka Waters and in that case Sri Lanka is perfectly right in arresting them.


Or Sr Lanka is lying in which case India should make  Public issue of it, talk to Lanka and if necessary internationalize the issue.


The second is not happening.


India has a Coast Guard which can find the facts and if necessary direct the erring fishermen who stray into Lankan waters to Indian Waters.


This has not happened nor any statement on this subject by the Coast Guard coming in.


The Coast Guard, if it is unable to find who intrudes into or goes out of Indian Waters, then it is useless.


What exactly is the position?


I checked  the issue with my sources in the Coast Guard.


The fact is that the Fishermen regularly enter into Lankan waters illegally for Fishing.


The Coast Guard are unable to counter or stop it because of Political Interference.


Sri Lanka is right in their statement that the Fishermen enter illegally.


This, the government of India is aware, both the Center and the State.


None of them want to address the issue because vote-bank Politics.


India secured the release  of the fishermen sentenced to death as a political quid pro quo with Lanka.


What people forget is this problem unless addressed to honestly without fear of Votes would help Indian Fishermen in the long run.


For obvious reasons my source must remain anonymous.


What is shocking is the fact that a couple of Tamil News papers are aware of this fact and are scared to point this out for fear of retaliation in Tamil Nadu.


The causality is Truth and Honesty




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