Soldier Hussaini Brahmins Fight For Muslims

Dronacharya was castigated by Lord Krishna during the Mahabharata War for taking up arms in the Battle saying that Drona has lost the moral right of censuring either Yudhistra or the Pandavas for using the ploy of misinforming him of  the death of his son Aswathama, which resulted in Drona’s death.


Reason, Drona was a Brahmin.


He is empowered to teach warfare not actually fight, forsaking the duty of a Brahmin.


Husseini Brahmins.png
Brahmins who fought for Muslims,Hussein Brahmins


Lord Parashurama comes under fire for the same reason for bearing arms against the Kshatriya.


Yet there is community  Brahmins that has taken up warfare as their profession , forsaking the Brahmin duties.


Mohayal Brahmins of Punjab, who trace their origins to the following seven Rishis/Gotras.


  • Bali: Parashar
  • Bhimwal: Kaushal
  • Chhibber/Chibber:Bhrigu
  • Datt: Bharadwaja
  • Lau: Vasishtha
  • Mohan: Kashyap
  • Vaid: Dhanvantri/Bharadwaja


In India, they are also called ‘Hussaini Brahmins’ as Muhiyals proudly claim that though being non-Muslim, a small number of them fought in the battle of Karbala on the side of Hussain. Muhiyals are very close to Pushtuns in their character.

For centuries, they never or seldom paid in their revenue until coerced by a military expedition involving a number of casualties on both sides.

On one occasion, they fought three sanguine battles against Babur’s army as they refused to surrender a khatri girl to Mughals who had sought their protection.

The testament to their chivalry is the fact that during Muslim rule, they were the only non-Muslim group on whom the title of Khan or Sultan was ever bestowed. During British rule, a number of them were residing in the military belt of Campbelpur, Rawalpindi and Jhelum area.

A number of Muhiyals served with distinction in British Indian army especially cavalry. They served in many regiments especially 9th, 11th, 13th, and 19th Lancers, 3rd, 4th and 15th Punjab Cavalry and Guides Cavalry.


They celebrate Muharram.


This community is concentrated  in Punjab,Jammu and Kashmir,Haryana mainly and are present in North India.

Their main languages are Punjabi and Hindi.

Some of these Brahmins are Sikhs.

As Muharram passed off peacefully in the capital amid heavy police presence on Tuesday, a group of brahmans in east Delhi were wondering what the tension was all about. Like every year, these Hindus took out a Muharram taziya of their own in Kalyanpuri, crying and beating their chests in ritual mourning that marks the occasion.

The community proudly claims that one of their ancestors, Rahib Datt, fought in the Karbala battle on the side of Imam Hussain and even sacrificed his sons in the conflict. Ever since that historic battle, they came to be known as Hussaini Brahmins.



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4 thoughts on “Soldier Hussaini Brahmins Fight For Muslims

  1. 99% muslims in India are Hindu, many many are Brahmans and few Rajputs( Rajasthan area) and also many more in Punjab area of Pak and India. These were converted by force like what ISIL is doing in Iraq,Syria. Kill or convert. Although muslims ancestors were converted by force, these stupid fight against their HINDU brothers. Even Jammu Kashmir’s past CM Farooq Shekh said openly that his ancestors were SARYUPARIN BRAHMINS, YET DID NOT COME BACK TO HINDUISM. VINASHKALE VIPRIT BUDDHI will eventually destroy all muslims and anhiliate christians trying to convert Hindus by money now but they did same what Islamist are doing forever-terrorism. FUTURE IS DISASTROUS TO HUMANITY-WILL SHOW MUST GO ON.-YES,CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Jai Vishnu.


    1. according to jawaharlal nehru in his book “discovery of india” kashmiri muslims wanted to return to hinduism enmasse in the 19th c;the hindu king sought the opinion of banares brahmins;they said no;in the modern age we should give less importance to religion and more importance to science and universal humanism;strive for fairness in all human relationships;


      1. What modern u think u are? Usa , germany are more modern than some fool indians like you and it it christian belt. People who do not respect thier mother are called basterds. Fanatics stupid converted brown indians are not expected to come here. Learn what is hinduism science , veda science from and then comment. Sorry i do not respect those who do not respect hinduism, sanatsn dharm that was all over world untill christian terrorist came converted hindus in south 2000 yrs ago and then rest many converted by islsmist terrorist in 780 ad . Jawarlal nehru was a british thinker and he left his progeny to finish india for 66 years. Read about nehru /- more and do not quote him.


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