Mysterious Energy Indian Valley Of Seven Deadmen

As I have posted earlier there are enough sightings and unexplained phenomenon on the Earth to convince one of some forces, may be UFO,might be at work.

The evidence is so overwhelming that the usual high sounding.Natural Phenomena, Mass Hysteria,Doctored Videos, do not wash.

There are a number of cases where the instances go beyond these labored explanations.

I read this morning that there is a a sort of Gate supported by Pillars in Malibu and the explanations by Experts do not seem to convince the scientists even!

Close on the heels of this, I have found information that there exists a mysterious valley in India.

It is called the Valley of the Seven Dead men.

In 1892, One Graham Dickford, a fortune hunter came to India and went, along with seven companions,  to a place locally described as the Valley of Death.

He. along with his seven companions was picked up in a state of delirium with severe burns.

He spoke deliriously of great flames,

“great flying fire”, “shadows in the night, and “ghosts that might kill by looking at you”. Of course, this did not make much sense for the doctors and nurses who were attending him.”

His seven companions also died..

Two expeditions were organized by the Indian Government in 1906 and 1911.

In the first expedition two died and in the second Five.

Two survivors of the second expedition claimed that they saw two of their companions spun suddenly as if propelled by a Force and fell to death.

The Government of India has kept this affair a secret till date.


There is a Valley of Death in Siberia.

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