Greek God Poseidon Varuna Or Shiva

There are enough pointers that Atlantis was a part of Bharatvarsha.


A group led by Shiva, Ganesh and Muruga left by sea to wards the West, and their descendants settled  in the Middle-east,Europe,Atlantis and South America.


Nazca Lines.jpg
Nazca Lines ,Peru Atlantis,
Shiva’s Trishul


Please read my posts on this.


There seems to be more connection between Atlantis, Greek Mythology and Hinduism which need a further investigation.


Take this one.


Poseidon is the God of Ocean in Greek Mythology(Atlantis).


Poseidon,Greek/Atlantis God of Ocean


He is the God the  Seas and Earthquakes.


His Symbols are the Trident, the Fish, the Dolphin and the Bull .


‘Varuna may or may not be the parallel of Poseidon. In his earlier forms he is more of a cosmic (non-physical) deity, in later apparently “denser” incarnations he becomes more similar to the greek god.Poseidon rules over reptilian sea-monsters, Varuna is attended by nagas (serpents) and also rides reptilian “sea creatures”. He is known as the lord of the oceans and keeper of drowned souls. He is also known as the “Guardian of the West”. Just like Poseidon is finally struck down by other gods, Varuna is conquered by Rama.’


Faced with the dilemma of how to cross the ocean to Lanka, where his abducted wife Sita is held captive by the demon king Ravana, Rama(an Avatar of Vishnu) performs a penance (tapasya) to Varuna, the Lord of Oceans, fasting and meditating in perfect dhyana for three days and three nights. Varuna does not respond, and Rama arises on the fourth morning, enraged by the God’s arrogance. With his bow and arrow, he angrily begins attacking the oceans with celestial weapons—burning up the waters and killing its life and creatures. The Vanaras are dazzled and fearful at witnessing the enraged Rama demolish the oceans, and his brother, Lakshmana, prays to calm Rama’s mind. Just as Rama invokes the brahmastra, considered the most powerful weapon capable of destroying all creation, Varuna arises out of the oceans. He bows to Rama, explaining that he himself was at a loss to answer Rama’s question. Begging him not to destroy the oceans with the missile, he suggests that Rama re-direct the weapon at a demonic race that lives in the heart of the ocean. Rama’s arrows destroys the demons, and establishes a purer, liberated environment there. Varuna promises that he would keep the oceans still for all of Rama’s army to pass, and Nala constructs a bridge (Rama’s Bridge) across to Lanka. Rama justifies his angry assault on the oceans as he followed the correct process of petitioning and worshipping Varuna, but obtaining the result by force for the greater good”


The Symbols of Shiva are Trishul (Trident) and The Bull like Poseidon.


The original word Trident came from the Sanskrit word ‘Trishul’


“In Christianity the pitchfork (there associated with evil) may be based on a distant memory of the trident (strangely, various slavic gypsy language call the cross “Trishul”, a word that appears to be derived from the Sanskrit word for Trident)”


The Nazca Lines in Peru are the identical marks that can be made with a Trishul.


Sugriva directed his Vanaras to search for Sita in the land which is marked by three Lines of Trishul.


Please read my post on Nazca Lines, Sugriva searches for Sita in Peru.


And Mathsya, Fish is an Avatar of Vishnu


The idea is worth exploring.






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