‘I Have To Go’ Vellala Hanuman, Sanjeevaraya Temple.

While Hanuman was returning to Sri lanka after getting the Sanjeevi Herb with the Sanjeevi Parvatah(Mountain), he came down in a place on the banks of the river Kumudhini/Kumudhavathi, near Prodtattur in Andhra Pradesh to perform Saym Sanhya Vandana(evening sun worship).


After completing the ritual when he attempted to leave the place the Rishis(Sages) near the river asked Him to stay back.


Velllala Anjaneya.gif.
Vellala Hanuman


Hanuman replied that He was on Lord Rama’s mission and had to go and promised to return.


‘Vellala’ I have to go in Telugu and leaped into the air to continue His journey.


He promised to come back.


Sanjeevaraya temple is in Vellala a village in Rajupalalem Madel, Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh.


How to reach.


Railway Station.Kurnool.

Bus Station.Kurnool, Prodattur.Buses ae available to Kurnool from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada.

Proddatur is the nearest famous place to this village and is nearly twenty three kilo meters. One can reach this village from Chagalamarri [in Kadapa – Kurnool route] and is eight kilometers from Chagalamarri.


How the Temple was built.

During the fifteenth century this place was under the rule of governors of Vijayanagar known as Nayakas. During this time one Sri Hanumath Mallu an army chieftain came to this place for hunting. He fell sick while on sujorn and was compelled to stay at the village Vellala. While on camp at this place one day he was given a divine direction that he should bring to bank the statue of Sri Hanuman from inside the Kumudavathi River.

Chieftain sent his men in search of the statue in the waters of Kumudavathi River, although he was sick he supervised the operation. After a long search they could locate the statue of Sri Hanuman in the River. He had then arranged installation of the statue among the chanting of manthras and as per the prescribed rules ‘prana pradeshta’ of the staute was conducted. From then on Sri Hanuman of this kshetra bestowed all the blessings to His devotees.

Only if one stands nearer to entrance of the Garbhagraham one can see the main deity Sri Sanjeevaraya in full.


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