Shiva Let Milk Flow For Aswathama Tapkeshwar Shiva

Three is a Temple for Lord Shiva, where Dronacharya resided and where Aswathama was born.


Lord Shiva let Milk flow for Aswatahama.


Tapkeshwar Temple.jpg
Aswathama,Tapkeshwar Tempel.


The Pandavas worshiped Shiva here.


The Shiva Linga here has water dripping down on it through out the year.


The Tapkeshwar Mahadev  cave temple is built upon the banks of a Dehradun seasonal river.


From Dehradoon main city , this temple  is located ~ 5.50 km away towards Garhi Cantonment area .


Siva Linga,Tapkeshwar.jpg


The name  ” Tapkeshwar ” is due to a reason that inside the cave  , a steady drop of water falls from the ceiling on the top of the shivlinga.


According to a story  Rishi Dhrona’s son Ashwathama  Birth took place at this place .


Lord Shiva made milk flow from this cave for Ashwathama . Mahrishi Vyasa also after very hard worship of Lord Shiva , got the  boon of  “Amaratwa ”  here.


Dronacharya was very poor and he had even a Cow to provide milk for His son Aswathama.


Drona went and met his class mate and friend King Draupada, father of Draupadi, and requested for wealth.


Draupada insulted Drona saying that a poor Brahmin can never be a friend of a king and sent Drona back.


Drona came home desolate.


He  could not provide Milk for the Child Aswathama.


Aswathama cried near the Shiva Linga and his tears fell on the Shiva Linga.


Shiva then let Milk flow for the child.


How To reach.




Railway Station.Dehradun.


Bus Station.Dehradun.


Dehradun, Uttarkhand is well-connected by Air, Train and Bus with the rest of India,





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