Vishnu’s Jasmine Like Scar Sri Vathsam Description By Krishna

The description of Vishnu is not found in the Vedas .


Narayana Suktham speaks of Narayana as the Principle, it may be noted that Narayana is different from Vishnu.


Sri Vatsam of balaji, Tirupati.jpgi.
Balaji Tirupati,Srivathsam is visible.


Vishnu Suktham again describes the principle of Vishnu.


Sketchy description of Vishnu in Human form is found in the Puranas, especially in the Vishnu Purana,


Dhuruva Stuthi describes Vishnu’s Form, but does not provide details about His Ornaments and marks .


Gopala Uttara Tapini Upanishad( 75-78) has the first reference to Lord Vishnu’s Form.


‘His feet bear the auspicious signs of a celestial standard, a royal parasol.

His chest is adorned by srivatsa locks of hair, the brilliantly shining kaustubha gem and rows of forest-flower garlands (vanamala).

His four hands hold shankha  (conch), chakra (discus), gada (mace) and padma  (lotus).

He is adorned with armlets, garlands, jewels, diadem and earrings shaped like makara the sea monster (makara-kundala )

His form is enchanting and auspicious (divya mangala vigraha); radiant like the sharad -full moon ; his eyes glow  like blue lotus blossoming  amidst the

pool of clear water ; his brows like a well strung bow; his nose slender  and shapely like the petals of champak flower ; the  serene, cool, gentle smile, pure

like cow’s milk , dancing on his full and well shaped red lips  lights up the whole world ; his chin firm and well proportioned; his throat bright and sound

shaped like a conch; the tilaka adorning his forehead between the brows is luminous like crescent moon in a clear cloudless sky; his arms long , strong and

supple like the elephant’s trunk; his chest wide , strong and healthy; he is adorned with golden-hue–silk garments (pitambara);he is richly and tastefully

ornamented; and he is the very embodiment of all the grace , beauty and joy in the universe.


In his mind one should meditate on Me standing on
the blossomed eight-petaled lotus of the heart, My two
feet marked with conchshell, flag and umbrella, MY
chest marked with srivatsa and splendid with the
kautabha gem, My four arms holding the conch, cakr
a, mace, and sarnga bow,
My arms decorated with
armlets. MY neck splendid with
a flower garland, My head circled
by a splendid crown, My ears
decorated with glistening shark-
shaped earrings, MY form splendid
and handsome, holding a flute and
buffalo-horn bugle, and granting
fearlessness to the devotees.’Gpala Tapini Upanishad 75 to 78)

How Sri Vathsam came into Being.


Once the foot of Trivikrama came to the place where Bharadwaaja Maharishi was performing Japam, he struck on the chest of VishNu with a handful of water. The spot where he was hit became the mole and this mole is called Srivatsam( Mahaabhaaratham Saanthi Parvam 3.5.2 vide Page 401 of Notes on BalakaaNDam of Vaalmiki Ramayanam by Sri C.R. Srinivasa Iyengar).

There is another interpretation found in the same Santhi Parva 3.5.2. According to this, on one of the several occasions in which Lord Siva came to fight with Mahavishnu, he aimed his trident (Soolam) at the latter creating a scar on Vishnu’s chest and this scar is Srivatsam.


There is also the view that Lakshmi resdies in the Sri Vathsam.


We find a near complete description of Lord Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranama.


Anivarti nivrutatma samkshepta kshema-kruchivah

Shrivasta-vakshah shrivasah shripatih shrimatam-varah ..64 Vishnu Sahasranama.


Megha Shyamam Peetha Kausheya Vcham
Shree Vatsangam Kausthubho Bhasithangam
Punyopetham Pundari Kayadaksham Vishnum Vande Sarva Lokaika Natham-  Dhyana Slokas Vishnu Sahsranama



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