One Vishnu For Every Month Lakshmi Tantra

They are,

Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).And; collectively they are identified with the year.

Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).

And; collectively they are identified with the year.

Vishnu here represents the Kaala Purusha


Lord Vishnu is beloved to have taken 10/12 primary Avatars.


Lord Vishnu is described as the protector.


The system that interprets the Mahavakyas as espousing the Duality of Reality is called the Visishtadvaita,Qualified Non Dualism, where the Reality Vishnu and the individual souls attain the abode of Lord Vishnu, Vaikunta, primarily by Bhakthi Yoga , the path of Devotion.


In Sri Vaishavism, total surrender to God, Vishnu is emphasized.


Vishnu as kaala Purusha.jpg
Lord Vishnu as Kaala Purusha


Vishnu, in the undifferentiated Universal aspect is called the Para Vasudeva.


At the empirical level He has many forms , in the Form of Avatars.


This aspect of Vishnu is called Vyuha.


Each signifies an aspect of the Reality.


Visnu Sahasranama states,


Chatur Vyuha Chatur gathi:


Four Formations and Four Goals.


The Four Formations/stages are,


Jagrat-The waking stage,


Swapna, the Dream State,


Sushupthi, the deep Dreamless state and


Turiya, the stage the individuality is merged in the Reality.


The Four Goals are,


Dharma, Righteousness,


Artha, Wealth, day-to-day affairs,


Kaama, desires and




To realize this at each stage, the Lakshmi Tantra, describes the Twelve Vishnus, one each for a Month.


Each month has an effect on the Humans and psyche.


So a Vishnu form is provided to meditate for every month.


They are,


Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).And; collectively they are identified with the year.


Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).


And; collectively they are identified with the year.


Vishnu here represents the Kaala Purusha.

– the source
the consort
the month




From Lakshmi Tantra on Vyuhas.


The text elaborates that right after the final stage of Vyuha evolution and the onset of jagrat (wakeful) state of existence, each of the four Vyuha produced three further forms that resembled their creators (Vyuha) in all respects.

19.3. Accordingly, from Vyuha -Vasudeva, Keshava, Narayana and Madhava emanated; from Sankarshana emanated Govinda, Vishnu and Madhusudana; from Pradyumna emanated Trivikrama, Vamana and Sridhara; and from Aniruddha emanated Hrishikesha, Padmanabha and Damodara.

19.4. Vyuha is the major formation and the twelve forms that emanated from it constitute the secondary formation; and therefore known as upavyha or vyuhantara, which literally means ‘the one that within the Vyuha’.


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3 thoughts on “One Vishnu For Every Month Lakshmi Tantra”

  1. Greetings,

    Kala, Kaal, Purusa. I believe this has various spellings.

    I live in New Zealand and had a very natural contemporary upbringing. When I was a child, I was given a book that contained a picture of Kaala Purusha, or Cosmic Man, this was the human body divided into the signs of the zodiac. For many years I observed this relationship in it’s basic form and realised when a person became stressed and unbalanced the anatomical connection represented in Kaala Purusha became active in the form of a stress related response. This became rather obvious and many years later when I became a Father I noticed that this connection was also transmitted between people. If someone is applying pressure to another then the person can respond to their anatomical connection. I also noticed a birthmark connection, the Mother generally passed on to the children but I believe that if a Mother becomes stressed by another, usually a close partner or relative then this can be transmitted to the child as a birth mark also.

    I believe this to be the very basic connection to the anatomy and so gave consideration to how and why this is so. If the cycle of the World passing through the different zones created a connection then this represented the body of our Celestial surrounds as presented by many cultures. But the most important information presents itself in the symbolical representations of each of the signs. These signs are generally animal or specific designs that relate to the Earth. It became clear that each of the signs also represent an anatomical zone or point of the anatomy. For example Aries the horns connects to the top of the head, for Taurus this is the strong neck of the bull, for Sagittarius the thigh connection between the two animals and for Capricorn the knee connection between the animals represented…. The simple notion as above so below applied and so by studying the World you get to see the detail expressed by the surrounding cosmos.

    It then became most enlightening to discover that the World when divided into twelve consisted of each of these signs and so a fuller connection was made. Leo anatomically connects to the World body at the Sphinx of Egypt, Virgo connects to the World at Israel where the Virgin Mary and Mr Christ speaks, the next zone is where the scales of Libra are expressed through spiritual icons such as the Buddha……Upon making this connection and seeing how the Heads of Easter Island align with the head zone and Stonehenge looks just like Cancer, many global monuments express how this design was recognised and communicated on a global scale.

    I now realise our ancient teaches have connected the human body, to the World body and also to the Celestial body and also project this macro-cosmically to a universal structure God. These words all have many names globally but the basic pattern is constant through most cultures.

    I have been studying this now for over 25 years and have realigned the lost structure of the World with a contemporary realisation and through spiritual teachings. I have produced three foundation articles explaining this concept, simply called the New perspective. These are found on this website;-

    These articles will take about 15 minutes to read, the first is about 5 pages and the next are a single page. You are welcome to share this information with whom you choose. If you would like additional information or more detailed explanations, other articles are available and I would also like the opportunity to explain further.

    I hope you enjoy this New Perspective.

    With kind regards Barry


    1. Thank you Mr. Barry for your novel perspective vand Ishall be visiting your site and post my general comments. As this is a new approach I am interested in exploring further. You may write to me at my email so that we can discuss.Meanwhile check my articles ubder Hinduism’ Astrophysics to get some interestibg information on Hindu advanced concepts.Akso check under Tamils. Regds


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