Temple Food Ghee Remains Pure Lamp Burns For A Year

There is a Temple in Hassan, Karnataka, where the Food offered to the Deity remains warm and edible after one year;lamps lit Ghee in the Sanctum remains burning for a Year, without the Ghee being replenished as the Temple does not remain open for a year after closing.



This Hasanmba Temple built around 12 Century AD.


Hasanamba means’ ever smiling’


The Temple is open for only a week during Deepavali Festival and is reopened the next year during Deepavali.




The devotees believe that the benevolent Goddess smiles down upon them and showers her blessings. In many Indian languages, ‘hasya’ means humor. It is believed that the Goddess smiles down on the devotees who worship her.

While she is worshipped for being benevolent, she is also harsh to those who choose to harm her devotees. There is a belief that Amma Hasanamba turned a mother in law, who tortured Devi’s devotee the (daughter in law), in to a stone in front of her. It is believed it the stone moves an inch every year and when it reaches the lotus feet of Hasanamba the period of kaliyuga will end.

Once 4 robbers attempted to rob jewels of Hasanamba and Devi turned them in to stones. And these four stones can be still seen in Kallappa Gudi.


How To reach.


The Hasanamba temple is in the heart of Hassan city and can easily be reached by road from Hassan in an auto rickshaw. It is just a couple of hours away from Bangalore by road and is convenient as a weekend getaway with plenty of accommodation options available in and around Hassan.


Here the Ravana’s Sculpture has only Nine heads instead of Ten.


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