Death Rites Hinduism Part 2 Day 2 To Thirteen

Death rites as prescribed in Hinduism continues from Part I.


Second Day.


Second day is Sanchayana, the collection of Bones.



The bones are sprinkled with milk and the bones are picked up by hands wrapping them with Kandankathri herb,Solanum xanthocarpum.


This prevents any wound that may arise accidentally while picking up the bones, as this herb has anti biotic properties.


No shaving is to be done for the Kartha.


Other Sraddhams as mentioned are to be continued as mentioned in the earlier article.


Day 3 to 10.

The Sraddhams mentioned are to be performed as mentioned earlier.


Day Ten, Dasasthu.


On this day the Gnayatis, from the paternal side,who have not performed the Tharpana fromDay one are to perform 75 Tilodhaka and 75 Vasodhaka Thaarpana.


The Pinda Sarira of the departed is complete.


As the body is restored  hunger and thirst increases manifold.


So large quantities of food is offered by way of Prabhutabali.


Please read my post on this.


The stones in the  two Kundas, used for Tharpana, are disposed off.


On returning Home, the Kartha has to take a shave and bathe.


Shanti Homa and Ananda Homa are performed.


Day Eleven.


Punyahavachanam is performed for the Kartha to purify.


Then Nava Sraddham and Vrushothsagam is performed.


Vrushothsarga is performed with a Bull and Gosuktha is recited and the Bull is left to graze.


The Bull represents Dharma and this kriya helps the departed obtain better worlds.


The Ekothishta Sraddham is performed.


Sixteen such Sraddhams are to be performed in a Year.


The first one is called the Adya Masikam.


Then follows Pinda Pradhanam, followed by bath and Punyahavachana.


Balance 15 Sraddhas are to be performed as detailed below.


Una Masika an any three days from the 27 Day.


Traipakshtham on any five-day period day from the 40th Day.


Unashanmasikam on 10 day period from the 170th day.


Unabhdikamon any 15 day period from the 340th day.


Eleven Anumasikam on the Thithi of death every month for Eleven months.


These are very important and are not to be missed.


Twelfth Day, Sapindikarana.


On the eleventh and Twelfth-day the Preta eats the food offered heartily.


On the eleventh and twelfth day all the Pitrus are present.


Vasu,Father; Rudram, Grand father nd great grand father,Adhitya.(Paternal)


The earliest Pitru leaves the Pitru Loka and leaves for the Swarga and the presently decesed joins the Pitrus as the Vasu.


That is the reason why the Argya (Ekothishta)of the presently deceased and the Agya of the Parvana Sradddha of the forefather’s are mixed.


The pinda of the presently decesed is divided into three parts and mixed with the three pindas of the forefathers.


This is Sapindikaramam.


The three Pindas thus obtained represent the latest Vasu, Rudra and Adhitya.




The Yamadhtas drag the body on the thirteenth day .


Tha Size of the Jiva is that of a Thumb.


It is dragged to Samyamini, the city of Yama, Lord of Death.


The distance is 86,00 Yojanas, a Yojana is about 13 Kilometers.


Those who were virtuous cross this easily.


Others suffer.


Traveling is done continuously throughout day and night.


Averagedistance traveled is 270 Yojanas a day.


There are sixteen cities to be crossed along besides rivers , including Vaidharani.


Post follows on Dhanas and descriptions of the cities.


Sodakumbham is performed after Sapindikaranam.


Sastras decalre that this has to be performed every day in the first year.


If it is not possible, it has to be performed at least every month.


Apart from Water , tender Coconut Water is also given on this day.



Day Thirteen. Gruha Yagya, Subha Sweekaara.


On this day Auspiciousness is invited by performing Punyahavachana,Udagasanthi and Navagraha Homa  are performed.


After the function is over the kartha is to visit a temple with family members.


The Gruha Yagya is to be performed after the conclusion of the First Abhdika as well.


More On Sraddhas refer to my other posts on Sraddha, Sraddha Samayal.













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