Female Genital Organ Turns Eyes Shiva Kurumanakkudi

Indra, the King of the Devas,taking the form of Sage Gautama, enjoyed conjugal pleasures with Gautama’s wife,Ahalya.


The Sage cursed her to turn into a Stone,and she regained her form when Lord Ram’s feet touched her, when Ram was traveling with Sage Viswamitra.


The Sage also cursed Indra to have his whole body be splattered with Female Genital Organ.


Indra is therefore called the one with thousand eyes, eyes an euphemism for female organ.


Indra desirous of being relieved of his curse visited Kurumanakkudi to worship Lord Shiva, on the advice of Brahma.


He was relieved of his curse after his prayers and his dip in the Temple Theertha.


The genital organ turned into eyes.



The temple can be reached from Nagappatinam, Myiladuthurai,Kumbakonam.


Railway station,Nagapattinam.Myiladutthurai,Kumbakonam.


Airport .Tiruchirappalli.


Temple Timings.


6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Phone Number.+91- 94422 58085


Those who seek children are o offer Milk and Fruits at the Arthajama Pooja to Lord Shiva.


Moolavar : Kannayiram Udayar
Urchavar :
Amman / Thayar : Murugu Valar Kothai Nayaki
Thala Virutcham : Kondrai
Theertham : Indira Theertham
Agamam / Pooja : Shivagama
Old year : 1000-2000 years old
Historical Name : Kurumanakudi
City :
District : Nagapattinam

3 thoughts on “Female Genital Organ Turns Eyes Shiva Kurumanakkudi

  1. Very accurate informative importantabout the ancient holy place Kurumankudi. Let our andhras nearby the rich holy place.


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