14 Family Deities of Tripura

There has been a speculation that Shiva could have been a Human being, though the Puranas insist that He is Ayonija,one who does not stay in the womb,unlike Vishnu who takes Human forms.


As recorded in Tamil literature, Shiva materializes ,does His job and dematerializes.



The Legend of Tripura, one of the States of India gives credence to the thought that Shiva could also have been a Man.


The King Tripura, who was ill treating his subjects, was advised by Shiva, at the request of the subjects, to mend his ways,which he did not.


Shiva killed him and anarchy followed in the Kingdom.


At the request of the widowed Queen, Shiva advised her to worship the Fourteen Gods,the practice that was dispensed with by Tripura.


She did so.


Her son Trilochana became a famous King.


Another legend.


According to another mythology, after the death of his husband Tripur, became sad and was praying only Siva, for blessing. One day when she was going for a bath to river ghat, she heard a cry from the branches of banyan tree. He looked in them found that there were fourteen deities scared and asked for her help. Below the tree, there was a Buffalo chasing them, which was looking ferocious. The gods told her to through her Risa on the buffalo so that it be pacified. She did accordingly and, the buffalo left the place. Then the queen was told by the gods to take them and worship them as her racial gods or Kula devta; and since then these fourteen gods had been worshipped by Tripuri people.

The 14 Gods and Goddesses are as follows:

  • Hara (Siva)
  • Uma (Durga)
  • Hari (Visnu)
  • Maa (Laxmi)
  • Bani (Saraswati)
  • Kumara (kartika)
  • Ganapati (Ganesa)
  • Bidhi (Brahma)
  • Kshoa (the world)
  • Abhi (God of ocean)
  • Ganga (sacred Hindu river)
  • Sikhi (Agni)
  • Kaama (God of love)

(14) Himadri (the Himalaya Mountain)



The temple of 14 Gods, one of the famous pilgrims spot of the state is situated at old Agartala, 6 km to the east of Agartala, the capital city of tripura. Originally these deities were worshiped at the temple of Udaipur. Udaipur was the capital of Tripura Kingdom for a long time. Due to the harassment of Shamser Gazi The capital was shifted to Puran Haveli or Old Agartala .


Temple and Festival.


A week long religious festival called Kharchi Puja Mela is celebrated every yearin the month of Sravan in the premises of temple ofFourteen Gods. Peoplefrom all section of people participate in this Mela. It has become anexample ofof the peacefulcoexistence of all people for getting their cultural differences. Tribal and non tribal culture intermingle here to give a different dimension . This festival foster the feeling ofunity among the people. It has become the festival of all peopleof Tripura.


Siva told the widow queen of Tripur, Hiravati, to re-establish the temple of fourteen gods and and worship every day, celebrate the Kharchi, worship of fourteen gods on the eight lunar day of Shravana month for continuous seven days; then only the queen will be blessed with a son, who will be the best king of Tripura, his name would be Trilochana, as he will have third eye like him, as he is born by his blessing he will also be called Sibrai or Subria Raja.


How To Reach Agartala.




Bus Agartala.






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