Subrahmanya With Vel Pointed Down Neendoor

Lord Subrahmanya Killed Sura Padma, on the orders of Lord Shiva,


The day he killed Sura Padma is celebrated as Sura Samhara .


He annihilated Sura with His Spear, Vel.



The Vel was given to Him by Goddess Uma at Sikkil, a Town near Thiruvarur,Tamil Nadu.


The idol  Lord Subrahmanya sweats on the Sura Samhara Day when the Vel is being handed over to Him by Uma.


The festival is being celebrated even to-day, please read my post on this.


The Vel being a powerful weapon, which Subrahmanya wields represents the three principles ,Icha Sakthi(Drive of Desire).Kriya(Action) and Gnana(wisdom)


The tip of the Vel, wielded by Subrahmanya always points upwards.


But in some temples of Kerala the tip of the Vel points the down ground.


This is very rare.


Legend has it that after the killing of Tharakaura, Lord Subrahmanya was inan angry mood (Ugra Bhava) and has the vel pointed downwards.


Murugan is worshipped here in the form of Devasenapathi, the supreme general of the holy forces. He is in a very angry mood as he had “Tharakasura Nigraha Bhavam”.

He faces east as seen in most of the temples.

Mahaganapathi, Dhakshinamoorthi (Lord Shiva), Thooninmel Bhagavathi (Bhadrakali), Shathavu, Durga, Nagaraja and Bhahmarakshs are installed here as subordinate deities..

Tuesday is an important day in this temple..

April – May are time of festival in this temple.

Six days main festival in this temple.

Neendoor Subrahmanya Swami Temple hosts the arattu festival celebrated on a grand scale on the Medashasti day. Thaipoosam is another famous festival.


Pandavas and Vyasa worshiped Subrahmanya here.




Rail.Ettumanur Rail Way Station , Kuruppan Tara Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Neendoor.

How ever Kottayam Rail Way Station is major railway station 11 KM near to Neendoor .

Buses are available from Kottayam.



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